Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Police Records Management (RMS): The Importance of Integration

human trafficking awareness month 2023

Human Trafficking: Why Updated Tech Matters

Blog on prosecutor case management systems (PCMS)

PCMS (Prosecution Case Management System): The Necessity of Digital Prosecution Tools

CivicEye's Wes Blanton works alongside Sparta Police Department and White County Sheriff's Department.

Leadership View: Serving Those Who Serve Us – The Heart of CivicEye’s Client Success

Case Study: Data-Sharing Across Jurisdictions in White County, TN

The photo is a collage of the five members of the CivicEye engineering team. There is a sonar graphic in the background that is orange and magenta. Text reads #CSEdWeek 2022.

Computer Science Education Week 2022

Why It’s Time for Evidence Documentation Methods to Receive an Update

Native American Heritage Day 2022

Leadership View: Public Grants Provide Relief For Overtaxed Agency Budgets

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Leadership View: Women Make a Difference in Law Enforcement and Technology

5 Ways Technology is Solving Today’s Public Safety Challenges

Leadership View: Prosecution Principles: A Run-Down of the Best Software for DAs

Leadership View: Doing More – and Better – With Less

Leadership View: Budgeting Season; Making Every Dollar Count

4 Features to Look for when Shopping for Police Technology

Leadership View: Why is Technology Becoming Crucial in Law Enforcement?

3 Tips for Onboarding New Police Officers

3 Things to Consider when Outfitting Squad Cars

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How to Boost Morale in your Agency

The Most Overlooked Feature in a Police Car

eticketing traffic tickets

CivicRMS Module Feature: eTicketing

5 Reasons to Combine CAD with a Quality RMS

A Winning Case for Prosecution and Cloud Security

Why Cloud-Software is the Best Choice

Has Law Enforcement Training Changed?

Image of several police cars from the surrounding Highland Park area

Lessons from Highland Park Police About Collaboration and Data Sharing

Tradeshow Spotlight: National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference

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Solve Crime and Win Cases with a Modern RMS

Police hat in cruiser by back window

Can Retired Law Enforcement Make a Difference?

An image of a green ribbon which represents mental health awareness

3 Tools to Support the Mental Health of your Officers

Creative asset showing analytics graphs floating above a hand

How NIBRS Compliance Leads to Better Reporting

Head of Growth and Client Success at the CivicEye booth

A Look at NFCA Annual Training

mental health

3 Reasons to Prioritize Mental Health for Law Enforcement

technology training asset showing a honeycomb with tech icons in it

Why Technology Training Matters

Dirt road through desert with mountains and sunset in the background

Four Ways Modern RMS Can Make a Difference in Tribal Communities

An RMS made for cops by a cop with Police1

mobile technology in police

Three Ways Mobile Technology Advances Police Departments

CivicRMS software showing an incident map - streamline

How RMS Impacts Real-World Policing

A man taking notes by his laptop during a field interview

CivicRMS Module Feature: Field Interview

closeup of a police shield on a white background

What is CompStat? Strategic Planning in Policing

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