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Why Technology Training Matters

Technology has had a profound impact on law enforcement, and police officers need to be trained in how to use it effectively. In the past, officers relied mainly on their intuition and experience when investigating crimes. But with the advent of new technologies, such as shared datasets across agencies and computer forensics, officers can now rely on technology to help them solve crimes faster.

Just like an Officer’s sidearm, the technology must be something every individual is comfortable and competent in using. Technology training is how we can equip officers to perform their functions well, and get them back in the community. Inadequate training methodologies and equipment will lead to ineffective use of the tool and extended time behind a computer screen.

With training, don’t settle for mediocre!

At CivicEye, we are strong advocates for providing our clients with the best training experience and onboarding possible. One of our most valuable resources is our mobile training lab. Consider a hostage-taking training simulator for handguns, but with software! This lab allows us to set up RMS systems and fusion lookup screens in the training room just as they would be used in daily interactions with the software. We’re able to demonstrate our unique RMS platform, native NIBRS validation, and advanced integrations and modules.

“Gary did an excellent job in setting us up for success. He gave us invaluable insight into the product and its implementation in the real world. The mobile training lab was a great benefit to us and will be for any department with limited resources.” Chief Beck, MACON PD

Adjust training based on the user roles.

In addition to our lab, we also have a detailed curriculum taught by former law enforcement officers and custom-tailored to the various user roles that interact with the software. Some of the core roles we’ve seen are:

  • Trainers
  • System Administrators
  • Function Specific Users (evidence controllers, records, etc.)
  • General Users

Based on the user role, we deploy the optimal training method. For some users, we increase the amount of in-person and hands-on training they receive, while for others, we can simply point to quick start video tutorials as they begin down their journey of using our applications.

Get credit for your time!

With this combination of hands-on training and a curriculum driven by user roles, attendees are able to complete a full 16-hour POST course while coming up to speed on our solution and streamlined processes.

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