Powerful Document Management and Discovery

CivicDocs securely stores your documents and media in the cloud, while providing confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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We understand your document management needs

Save time and resources with powerful search and storage

Harness the power of the cloud on a run anywhere platform

Manage and preserve the chain-of-evidence

Stay compliant with local, state and federal organizations

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Built for your unique requirements

Manage, distribute, track, and automate case files and associated media from law enforcement, defense attorneys, and defendant agents.

Law Enforcement
Upload and manage case documents in one centralized location for prosecutors and defense. Upload individual files and folders, or entire directory trees with a single operation.

Defense Attorneys and Defendant’s Agents
Instantly access documents critical to your case from law enforcement and prosecutors.

Access and store case related data with secure and compliant access

  • Powerful discovery, search and distribution tools
  • Secure archiving and cold-case document repository
  • Store body and dash cam video, as well as other large media
  • Securely automate access and distribution of documents and files
  • Advanced file folder architecture provides flexibility and ease of use

Advanced transaction based chain-of-evidence and auditing

  • Validate the origin, chain of custody and preservation of all case files
  • Document all defense access (view, print and download)
  • Transactional information is presented associated with every change, status update and defense access
  • Secure and compliant

Flexible setup options to meet the needs of your organization

  • CJIS-compliant computing cloud for secure storage and access
  • Local private cloud install options to integrate with your existing facilities using CivicEye’s LFS (Large File Server) technology
  • Integrate with other leading CJIS-compliant cloud storage services, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Google

CivicDocs Features

Advanced administration portal

Document e-Submittal

Large Media Storage

Redaction and remote viewing

Secure access portals

File update notifications

Transaction based auditing

Cloud or local install options

Verification logs

Document certification

Secure access

Automated backups and storage

support for jail information management system and RMS

24/7/365 Expert Support

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  • Chat, email or phone support
  • Robust online training center
  • Searchable Knowledge Base
  • US based, dedicated in-house support team

Secure & Compliant

“We have seen an improvement in compliance reporting to the state and improved relations within the community.”

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“Our administrative staff rests assured knowing that confidentiality, integrity and availability are its primary focus.”

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