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Maximize Productivity and Case Organization

Designed to serve the unique needs of prosecutors, CivicCase is a comprehensive case management software solution that helps prosecutors increase efficiency, tackle growing caseloads, and achieve better community outcomes through centralized information and communication.

Our case management solution is in accordance with the National District Attorneys Association’s (NDAA) Functional Requirements for Prosecutor Management Systems.

Built for Prosecutors

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Interjurisdictional Partnership

Digitally share files with law enforcement agencies to improve case timelines and efficiency.

Gone are the days of relying on time-consuming physical file transfers. With digital sharing, prosecutors, investigators, and law enforcement can access critical evidence with just a few clicks, expediting the information flow and reducing unnecessary waiting periods. 

Sharing files digitally promotes real-time collaboration and communication between different agencies and prosecution teams. By eliminating the need for physical transfers, stakeholders can work together more efficiently, discussing case strategies, analyzing evidence, and making informed decisions promptly. This accelerated collaboration enhances the overall effectiveness of investigations, leading to quicker resolution and timely prosecutions. 

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Real-time Access to Millions of Records

Access millions of records in real-time and empower your prosecutorial teams with data-driven insights to make informed decisions. 

The ability to instantly retrieve case data opens a world of opportunities for data-driven decision-making—enabling prosecutors, legal teams, and stakeholders to make informed choices based on insights derived from patterns and trends. By tapping into a vast repository of case data, legal professionals can gain valuable insights into patterns and trends that may have previously gone unnoticed. This data analysis can unveil recurring patterns in criminal activities, help investigators identify common modus operandi, and reveal potential links among cases. These insights empower prosecutors to develop strategies and approaches that are more tailored, informed, and effective—ultimately leading to better outcomes in legal proceedings. 

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Scalable Architecture

Manage growing workloads and multiply your task force with technology.

By leveraging cloud-based technology, prosecution teams can effectively handle increasing workloads and storage needs. Scalable architecture enables system users to seamlessly expand their system for growing bodies of data. With a scalable infrastructure in place, prosecutors can confidently navigate the digital landscape, meet the evolving needs of their communities, and unlock the full potential of their case management system. 

Case review has changed significantly—
so should your software.

Cloud-based Server

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Robust Analytics

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Digital Evidence Storage

Real-time Data Access

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Paperless Environment

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Third-party Integrations

“The users were really impressed with the system and commented throughout the training about how much more streamlined and intuitive [CivicCase] was.”

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