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Maximize Productivity and Case Organization

Constructed to fit the unique needs of the criminal justice sector, CivicCase is a comprehensive case management software solution that helps prosecutors be more efficient with their time, tackle increasing caseloads with ease, and achieve better outcomes for the community through better communication and organization.

Streamline Your Day-to-Day with Our User-Friendly Platform

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Interjurisdictional Partnership

Digitally sharing case files with law enforcement and prosecution can streamline the investigative process and improve efficiency in the legal system by providing quick access to relevant information and reducing delays caused by physical file transfers.

Real-time Access to Million of Records

Instant access to case data can enable data-driven decisions in legal proceedings by providing insights into patterns and trends, helping to identify areas for improvement, and facilitating evidence-based decision-making, leading to more efficient and effective outcomes.

Scalable Architecture

Modern digital systems are designed to handle increasing workload and storage capacities by leveraging advanced technologies like cloud computing, AI, and distributed systems, enabling seamless scaling, improved performance, and efficient utilization of resources to meet the growing demands of users and organizations.

Case review has changed significantly—
so should your software.

Cloud-based Server

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Robust Analytics

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Digital Evidence Storage

Real-time Data Access

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Paperless Environment

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Third-party Integrations

“The users were really impressed with the system and commented throughout the training about how much more streamlined and intuitive [CivicCase] was.”

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