Bring technology into the courtroom with advanced case management.

Learn how CivicCase enables prosecutors, district attorneys and criminal justice agencies to:

  • Access case information through unique qualified portals
  • Improve discovery with advanced digital evidence management
  • Simplify collections through integrated and custom electronic forms
  • Remove the duplicate work across your department with single data entry
  • Receive live technical support 24/7/365 by our expert team of engineers

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What’s included in your live demo?

A product expert will show you through the software and how CivicCase is accessible on the cloud, offers advanced capabilities for digital evidence management, and helps cut down on administrative work by distributing tasks through unique portals to mitigate risk and preserve chain-of-evidence.

CivicRMS simplified UI

Save Time and increase efficiencies

Manage case files more effectively with access from anywhere on CivicEye’s secure cloud

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Integrate seamlessly with digital forms

Convert complex paper forms to interactive online tools

Find what you need faster and more accurately

Search hundreds of millions of records in less than a second

Access via Structured Portals

Distribute tasks and mitigate risk by preserving chain of custody with unique portals for all key parties

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We’re here to help law enforcement and criminal justice agencies succeed by improving how you use data. Learn why CivicCase stands out from the rest…

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