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Public Safety Platform for Prosecutors

Prosecutors are the backbone of justice and safety as guardians of law and order. Technology has become essential for prosecutors, aiding in evidence management, preparing cases, and delivering compelling courtroom presentations. CivicEye stands as trusted partners, dedicated to strengthening the justice system and safeguarding the rights of all individuals.

District Attorney (DA)

Assistant District Attorney (ADA)


Victim/Witness Advocates

Legal Assistants/ Paralegals

Administrative Staff

Specialized Units/ Divisions

All Your Case Data, One Central Hub

Centralized, cloud-based law enforcement records management system, with tools for data-driven insights

  • Search through millions of records with advanced filters
  • Generate NIBRS-compliant reports
  • Access real-time, auto-populated updates

Secure digital evidence management for users to collect, redact, store, and share media in the cloud

  • Manage and share various digital evidence formats
  • Securely access digital evidence anytime, anywhere on our secure, CJIS-compliant network
  • Enhance eDiscovery with detailed audit logs

Prosecution case management system designed to expedite every step of the prosecution process

  • Convert complex paper forms to interactive digital tools
  • Access role-based portals specifically designed for prosecution and defense users
  • Monitor real-time updates and benefit from auto-populated data, system-wide

24/7/365 Expert Support

CivicEye is there when you need us. We know keeping the public safe is a job around the clock.

  • Chat, email or phone support
  • Robust online training center
  • Searchable Knowledge Base
  • US based, dedicated in-house support team

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“We have seen an improvement in compliance reporting to the state and improved relations within the community.”

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