The Ultimate Public Safety RMS

Designed and field-tested by law enforcement, CivicRMS is a modern, high-performance records management system. With its advanced integration capabilities, CivicRMS is the RMS to consolidate all of your software in a centralized platform. 

Built for Law Enforcement

Directly Integrate your CAD and JMS

Access different systems and applications directly within CivicRMS—all without switching between different interfaces or platforms.

The ability to integrate systems streamlines workflows and eliminates time-consuming manual data entry. Officers can quickly retrieve critical information, such as dispatch calls, incident details, arrest records, and inmate data, directly within CivicRMS, enabling them to make informed decisions and take prompt action.
This instant data access not only saves valuable time but also enhances situational awareness, empowering law enforcement agencies to respond more effectively and efficiently to emergencies and investigations.

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Access Millions of Records in Real Time

Find the information you need—when you need it—quickly and accurately with powerful fragmented search technology.

CivicRMS’s robust search functionalities allow officers and investigators to navigate vast databases efficiently. Fragmented search technology intelligently retrieves relevant records based on fragmented or incomplete information, such as partial names, addresses, or license plate numbers. This capability saves valuable time and resources, eliminating the need for manual searches through stacks of paperwork or disparate systems.

By harnessing the advanced search capabilities of CivicRMS, law enforcement agencies can uncover crucial insights, identify connections between cases, and rapidly piece together vital information to support investigations. This real-time access to records not only expedites the investigative process but also enhances the overall effectiveness of law enforcement efforts, enabling agencies to better serve and protect their communities. 

Improve Your State and Federal Reporting

Instantly create NIBRS-compliant reports from incident reports. CivicRMS’s NIBRS-validation tools automatically track errors and identify fast fixes.

Simultaneously, single-entry data input improves the quality and reliability of data, while also streamlining data entry. Specifically, single-entry data input streamlines the data entry process by enabling officers to input information once and eliminating the need for redundant data entry across multiple systems or forms.

By instantly generating compliant state and federal reports within CivicRMS, law enforcement agencies can efficiently meet their reporting requirements while also ensuring data accuracy and optimizing their operational processes. 

Conduct Your Investigation

Cloud-based Server

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Robust Data Analytic Tools

eDiscovery with CivicDocs

Digital Evidence Storage

Easy-to-Use Module Workflow

Personnel & Training Management

Advanced Integrations for CAD & JMS Technology

“Among the competitors we demoed, it’s the most user-friendly, makes a huge difference in how our officers and detectives handle cases, and the customer support is top-notch.”

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