CivicRMS Features

Cutting-edge RMS Technology to Transform How Law Enforcement Uses Data

More than just an application, CivicRMS is a powerful tool engineered to simplify law enforcement operations and boost productivity as a force multiplier.

Advanced Integrations

Integrations play a vital role in enabling agencies to connect different systems and technologies. Without integrations, it can be challenging to exchange data and automate processes effectively.  

Instead of using multiple software tools to manage different functions, (such as CAD, JMS, and RMS), integrations enable these tools to communicate with each other. Once integrated, these systems can exchange data and automate processes, which can result in significant time and cost savings for agencies. Additionally, integrations can allow for a more comprehensive view of data across collective technology systems, providing agencies with robust insights that can inform decision-making.

Computer-aided Dispatch Integration

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Jail Management System Integration

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Intuitive Interface

CivicRMS’s intuitive interface helps law enforcement agencies streamline their workflows. Officers can easily automate time-consuming tasks, such as report writing and data entry.

Accurate, Reliable Data

In order to effectively combat crime, law enforcement needs access to high-quality data. When analyzing quality data, agencies can identify trends and patterns in criminal activity. These trends, then, can provide critical insights that inform strategies for both preventing and addressing crime.  

Data can come from a variety of sources. Some of these include criminal investigations, criminal justice systems, and other public sources, such as crime reports or surveys.  

With technology and data analytics tools, law enforcement agencies can both more efficiently and effectively analyze data and, then, apply this data to action. 

Single-entry Data Input

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Search Index Technology

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