CAD Analytics

Analyze calls for service data—directly in your RMS.

CivicRMS Helps You:

  • Access CAD data directly within your RMS
  • Use filters to analyze various data sets and factors
  • Generate reports to share with crime analysts and other stakeholders
  • Simplify access to dispatch and call for service data

Why a CAD Analytics Module?

CivicEye’s CAD Analytics module is a game-changer for law enforcement agencies, as it offers an instant solution for retrieving critical CAD data directly from within their RMS. Typically, agencies are often forced to rely on dispatchers to access this vital information, a process that involves submitting requests and can inevitably result in frustrating delays while data is compiled and retrieved. With the CAD Analytics module, this cumbersome procedure becomes a thing of the past, and law enforcement agencies gain the ability to independently aggregate and filter their own CAD data in real time.

Quickly Generate Reports

This newfound capability is particularly advantageous when it comes to generating reports. Law enforcement agencies can now swiftly and efficiently extract the precise data they need, specifying filters to ensure relevance and accuracy. Whether it’s for crime analysts, captains, chiefs, or other stakeholders, these reports provide invaluable insights and actionable information. CivicEye’s CAD Analytics module empowers agencies to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and enhance overall operational efficiency, all while reducing the reliance on intermediaries and expediting the flow of critical information within the organization.

Analyze CAD Data with Advanced Filters and Tools

In today’s fast-paced world, where timely data can make all the difference, CivicEye’s CAD Analytics module not only simplifies access to CAD data but also puts the power of data analysis directly into the hands of law enforcement professionals. This technological advancement allows agencies to be more proactive, responsive, and data-driven, ultimately leading to improved public safety and better-informed decision-making processes across the board. Agencies can also utilize advanced filters and tools to carefully compare specific data sets and variables—giving agencies the power to compare and contrast the statistics most impactful in their community.

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