NIBRS Validation Tool

Accuracy in your reports—the moment you write them.

CivicRMS Helps Your Agency:

  • Generate NIBRS-compliant reports
  • Check for errors during the reporting process
  • View highlighted fields for easy error correction
  • Contribute higher quality data fields
  • Reduce human error via single-entry data input

What is NIBRS Reporting?

The National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) is an incident-based reporting system used by law enforcement agencies in the United States. This system is used to collect and report crime data. NIBRS reporting is important for law enforcement agencies because it provides a more detailed and accurate picture of crime. Additionally, it enables enhanced data analysis, promotes greater accountability, and helps with resource allocation. NIBRS validation tools directly within CivicRMS can simplify NIBRS reporting and data validation processes.

Data Validation

Data validation helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of data that is used for reporting. It is a process of checking the data to ensure that it meets certain criteria and is in the correct format. This is important because incorrect or invalid data can lead to incorrect or misleading reports, which can have far-reaching consequences, such as inaccurate crime reporting. 

Accessible NIBRS Validation Tools

With NIBRS validation tools built into the records management system (RMS), you can easily fix fields highlighted for NIBRS reporting as you write the report the first time, minimizing time spent reviewing, revising, and rewriting reports and improving overall productivity among staff in your department. As a fundamental tool to help improve officer report writing, NIBRS validation tools are accessible to all CivicRMS users.

Benefits of Data Validation

In addition to providing accurate data for reporting, data validation is crucial for ensuring that law enforcement agencies can effectively allocate their resources. By identifying areas of high crime and identifying trends, agencies can better determine where to direct their efforts and resources. Furthermore, accurate and reliable data is essential for establishing trust between law enforcement and the community. With CivicRMS’s built-in NIBRS validation tools, agencies can ensure that their crime reporting is accurate and credible. This can help foster stronger relationships between law enforcement and the community, leading to increased trust, cooperation, and ultimately, a safer community. 

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