Evidence Module

Securely manage and track evidence.

CivicRMS Helps You:

  • Track and assign tasks for evidence
  • Create and use barcode tracking
  • Name and create designated locations for various evidence types
  • Bulk destroy evidence digitally as necessary
  • Integrate with other third-party evidence management software
  • Enhance security and accountability with detailed audit logs to protect chain of custody

Streamline Evidence Management with CivicRMS

The Evidence Module in CivicRMS provides law enforcement agencies with a suite of tools designed to simplify the complex task of evidence management. This innovative module transforms what can often be a cumbersome process into a more efficient and transparent system. One standout feature of the Evidence Module is its ability to assign tasks for each piece of evidence, ensuring careful tracking and management at every step, from collection to analysis. This feature not only simplifies evidence management workflow but also enhances accountability within the department.

Access Advanced Tracking and Organization

The Evidence Module comes equipped with advanced tracking capabilities essential for maintaining the integrity of evidence handling. Creating barcodes for each piece of evidence represents a significant advancement, enabling agencies to track every item with precision. This system eliminates the risk of evidence misplacement and ensures a seamless chain of custody. Additionally, evidence custodians have the power to name and create all evidence locations, improving organization and ease of access. This level of organization is critical in a field where accurate evidence tracking can make or break a case.

Efficiently Manage Evidence

CivicEye recognizes the challenges law enforcement agencies face when managing large volumes of evidence. The Evidence Module addresses these challenges by including a tool for bulk destruction of evidence. This feature is invaluable for agencies seeking to efficiently and securely dispose of evidence that is no longer needed while complying with legal requirements. This tool not only saves time but also ensures that the process of evidence destruction is handled in a controlled and documented manner, preserving the integrity of the department’s operations.

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