Tactical Mapping

Prepare tactical preparation plans within your RMS.

CivicRMS Helps You:

  • Document emergency action plan
  • Designate trauma/casualty triage areas
  • Identify rotary medevac landing zones
  • Create contingency plans for responding agencies
  • Include GoPro video footage of school layouts, and photos of exterior, entrances, doors, and windows

Why Tactical Mapping?

Law enforcement agencies increasingly recognize the critical importance of integrating a tactical mapping tool within their Records Management Systems (RMS). This integration is particularly vital for effectively managing emergency situations in complex environments like schools and college campuses. With these tools, officers can quickly access detailed, up-to-date maps and layouts, gaining essential insights into the structure of these buildings. This knowledge is crucial for developing well-informed tactical operation plans, ensuring officers can strategically navigate these environments during crises.

Enhance the Speed and Safety of Responses

The incorporation of a tactical mapping tool into an RMS fundamentally transforms the speed and safety of law enforcement responses. This tool provides officers with crucial real-time visualizations of entry points, room configurations, and potential obstacles, enabling them to navigate complex environments like schools and college campuses with heightened efficiency and awareness. Such immediate access to detailed layouts streamlines operational planning and significantly boosts response times, ensuring officers can act swiftly and with confidence. This capability is not just a logistical enhancement; it’s a critical asset in making informed decisions rapidly. The end result is a substantial improvement in public safety and a more effective management of emergency situations, underscoring the vital role these mapping tools play in modern law enforcement operations.

Prevent Operational Paralysis

Implementing tactical mapping and carefully crafting emergency plans are crucial strategies for preventing operational paralysis, especially in high-stress and time-sensitive situations. Tactical mapping provides a clear visual understanding of the environment, including critical entry points, potential hazards, and layout intricacies. This level of detail empowers law enforcement with the knowledge to navigate swiftly and safely, reducing hesitation and uncertainty. Coupled with well-outlined emergency plans, tactical mapping ensures that every team member understands their role, the procedures, and the contingencies in place. This comprehensive preparation minimizes the risk of confusion and indecision, commonly known as operational paralysis, by providing clear directives and situational awareness. Ultimately, this proactive approach not only enhances the effectiveness of the response but also bolsters the confidence and readiness of the teams involved, ensuring they can react promptly and efficiently in the face of emergencies.

CivicRMS — Increase Situational Awareness for Officers

With CivicRMS, your law enforcement agency can improve officers’ access to critical information to ultimately improve situational awareness. This video highlights how CivicRMS features a range of tools that can help your agency prepare for emergent situations through tactical mapping and planning directly within your RMS.

In the video below, you’ll get a glimpse into:  

Create detailed location profiles in the CivicRMS Master Index for important locations, like schools, university campuses, hospitals, and more.

Document past incidents or events at these locations, and use records to inform emergency response and tactical plans.

Upload maps and schematic diagrams for access anytime, anywhere, on CivicEye’s secure, cloud-based server.

Store footage of building layouts, such as from drones or go-pro cameras, and save photos of important access points and potential blindspots, like hallways and entry points.

Document other critical information, such as rotary medevac landing zones and triage areas, for faster response times.

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