Warrants Module

Secure for the Integrity of Your Agency.

CivicRMS Helps You:

  • Auto-populate information from the arrest record
  • Instantly create Wanted Posters
  • Track efforts to serve the warrant
  • Track affidavit servicing
  • Integrate warrants with Master Index system
  • Centralize warrant management

Efficient Warrant Creation

CivicRMS improves how law enforcement agencies handle warrant processing by integrating innovative features that auto-populate information from arrest records directly into the individual warrant and Warrants Module. This seamless integration, powered by our advanced LEX system, eliminates the redundant task of re-entering information when creating a warrant. By streamlining data entry, CivicRMS not only saves valuable time but also reduces the potential for errors, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in warrant management.

Enhanced Communication Tools

Beyond its core functionalities, CivicRMS offers the capability to create Wanted Posters directly from the warrant information. This feature is particularly useful for law enforcement agencies in disseminating critical information quickly and efficiently. The ability to generate these posters at the click of a button, directly from the warrant details, means that law enforcement can promptly alert the public and other agencies about wanted individuals, enhancing community safety and engagement.

Comprehensive Warrants Module Service Tracking

CivicRMS also includes an advanced tracking system for warrant service. This feature allows law enforcement officers to assign individuals responsible for servicing the affidavit and closely monitor all efforts made to serve the warrant. With this comprehensive tracking, agencies can maintain oversight of the warrant service process, ensuring accountability and enhancing the effectiveness of law enforcement operations. This Warrant Module provides real-time updates and insights, which are crucial in fast-paced law enforcement environments.

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