Our Team

Joining CivicEye means being part of a team of innovators, disruptors, builders, supporters, and customer champions. We serve Public Safety professionals, and our vision is to digitize and democratize records management to improve community outcomes. We are all hands in to work hard every day to impact the day-to-day lives of law enforcement and prosecutors.

Our principles that ground us

Operate with urgency and have a deep respect for others’ time. We are in control of our destiny and must drive toward our mission with relentless focus and energy. 

Be prepared for conversations and be an active participant who contributes to each dialogue or otherwise leverages shared information to drive progress toward objectives. Audit your calendar consistently.

Respect the opportunity to gain input early to reduce cycles later. 

Make informed decisions about your prioritization and sequencing, and understand organizational dependencies, so we never leave team members or customers in a lurch. Communities are counting on us.

Our team and our clients need you at your best – always. We can overcome obstacles in a dynamic marketplace with a present, positive and productive team.

Find the work-life harmony that produces the best version of yourself that contributes to our mission. If you’re at work thinking about home and home thinking about work, you are upside down. 

Focus unwaveringly on those things in your control and raise your hand when the team’s support and alignment could contribute to your personal or professional success. Mental wellness takes precedence over and is a leading indicator of meeting business objectives.

Be thoughtful in your interactions in both physical and digital spaces. If someone misunderstands you, that is your fault, not theirs. If you find yourself in a position to respond to someone’s questions, ensure you respond in a way that enables them to tackle their objectives. 

How will you be remembered for that one thing you delivered? Push yourself and the people around you to produce quality and maintain the highest output standard. 

Understand that you can learn something from everyone with whom you interact. Be uncomfortable and learn new perspectives and approaches from the people around you – regardless of title, experience, or skillset. 

Embrace a changing environment and accept that the resulting inertia will introduce new variables for consideration. “Because we’ve always done it this way” is never an acceptable response, and we welcome new ideas and solutions to problems in the best interests of the communities we serve. 

We operate on an “idea meritocracy” where the best ideas will always win. Neither title nor the loudest voice will dictate the direction of our business or the products we develop.

Understand the why behind each engagement, project, and objective. Then, encourage questions, rapport, and pushback to ensure alignment. A healthy debate with informed participants always leads to a more vital outcome.

Identify problems and misalignment and be the team member that proposes solutions to those problems. It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that work product contributes to our broader mission.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CivicEye is committed to supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DE&I”) in everything we do to support the agencies we serve.

Our responsibility is to build a business that is inclusive, diverse, and represents differing thoughts and perspectives. Everyone should feel like they are part of the team – nobody should feel “othered”. We should have demographic representation of the communities we serve. We encourage people to speak up when they disagree and we fight for an alignment on “why” we do things understanding that there are many “hows” to achieve similar end results.

Diversity is more than race, gender, and ethnicity — it means diversity of thought, ability, background, language, culture, and skill. It is essential to recognize the value and importance of the LGBTQIA+ community and continue the efforts to promote acceptance and inclusion with liberty and justice for all. We have respect and gratitude for all who serve to benefit our communities and are happy to stand as an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Many of our DEI initiatives are in support of our Tribal Law Enforcement agencies, Women in Law Enforcement & Technology, as well as minority-focused organizations including NOBLE and Out to Protect.

Thoughts on MLK Jr. Day

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk,
if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever
you do you have to keep moving forward.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Personally, I reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s incredible persistence when all odds were stacked against him. He pressed forward relentlessly, following his north star, what he knew to his core was the best version of the future for the stakeholders of this great Nation. He pursued equity with deliberate action and unmatched perseverance. It’s not lost on me that as a second-generation American, I can be a brown CEO because he sought “the right thing”.”

Khristian Gutierrez, CEO
Khristian Gutierrez, Advisory Board Member

After a thirty year career in active law enforcement, I am re-energized by the team at CivicEye. From the leadership team, to the Support Staff, to our Sales team, CivicEye has a deep dedication to providing the best solutions available to our partner agencies. To continue to have an impact and a place within the profession I have dedicated my adult life to is a blessing.

Portrait of Gary at FBINAA

Gary Holliday

Client Success & Tech Support Manager

I love being a part of CivicEye because of the team. We hold each other to our respective responsibilities while consistently collaborating and encouraging one another. Our mission is one I can also easily align with, and I look forward every day to partnering with law enforcement officials to help make communities safer.

Jackson Boatwright

Jackson Boatwright

Project Manager

In the realm of marketing and sales at CivicEye, it’s incredibly rewarding to know that our strategic efforts and client engagements have a direct impact on improving the lives of law enforcement and prosecuting agencies and their communities, resonating with our ethos of service and making our work truly fulfilling.

Adrienne Clarke Marketing

Adrienne Clarke

Marketing Lead
Life in and out of the office

Benefits that work for you

Take what you need—we are proud to have partnered with Insperity to offer a premier platform or group health plan coverage. And hey, new parents… CivicEye is proud to offer generous and equal coverage for maternity and paternity leave.

Perks at work

Get access to employee perks and discounts including virtual courses, subscription discounts, travel needs, and creature comforts. We’re all about keeping our team happy and healthy.

A flexible workspace

With offices located in Tennessee and North Carolina, our hybrid approach offers the flexibility to work remotely and from our offices to achieve the optimal balance between your professional and personal priorities.

tullahoma tennessee office
Tullahoma, TN
Charlotte NC office
Charlotte, NC

Our Team

No matter where we are, or what we’re doing, our team is committed to supporting each other and the greater good of our customers. Keeping in line with our principles, CivicEye encourages kudos to be shared and celebrate co-workers in the moment.

“There are truly not enough Kudos in the world to share my thanks and appreciation for Christie Pearce, Jared Zwick and Chase Holt for all of their hard work on state reporting for our customers!”

Shared by Abby

“Hector is crushing our customer conversion!!! Everything looked beautiful!!! By far the cleanest conversion I’ve quality audited, and we’re running it now on the customer’s live site! Awesome job Hector!!”

Shared by Jackson

“Big shout out to Martina Gasser for her fast turnaround of about six things our customer needed on a morning call, and she had them done by that afternoon! Needless to say, that speaks volumes about our Customer Service.”

Shared by Steve

“Mary Elizabeth is such a talented marketer and I’m so impressed with every project she takes on and how eager she is to grow and adapt in her career and also in our industry with our customers.”

Shared by Adrienne

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