Tradeshow Spotlight: National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference

The 2022 National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference and Exhibition was held in Kansas City, Missouri, where law enforcement professionals from all over the United States gathered to discuss the latest techniques and technologies in crime-fighting.

The conference featured seminars and workshops covering all aspects of a sheriff’s department’s duties and responsibilities, including law enforcement, jail operations, service of process, prisoner transportation, court security, and judicial security. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from and network with experts in the field and their peers from across the country. The conference provided an excellent opportunity for sheriffs and their staff to stay updated on best practices and current trends in law enforcement and public safety. CivicEye was excited to showcase our modern software technology and network with industry partners and public safety professionals through the conference.

“Making purchasing decisions for a county is not an easy one. I learned that every sheriff and county employee thoroughly considers the needs and outcomes of what a purchase, like a records management system from CivicEye, would do to not only their department employees but also the municipalities they support. It was amazing to get in front of sheriffs from across the country and show them how we are making a difference with modern updates to data sharing and incident reporting that some current systems haven’t seen in years,” Digital Marketing Manager Adrienne Clarke said.

Our team was on hand to answer attendees’ questions about our innovative software solutions for records, document, and case management systems. With advanced integrations with CAD and JMS, built-in NIBRS compliance, and data sharing across jurisdictions and fusion centers, our products can help make your sheriff and police departments more efficient and effective with intelligence-led police analytics.

“It was inspiring to meet law enforcement leaders who are disbursed across the country but working towards the same end goal of solving crime and protecting communities by progressing their department’s knowledge, tools, and best practices,” Account Executive Terrence Pruitt said.

If you couldn’t attend the conference or did not get the chance to connect with a member of our team, please contact us today to learn more about our products. We look forward to helping you protect and serve your community. Here are upcoming conferences we will be attending, follow us on social media to get updated information on booth numbers and more.


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