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How NIBRS Compliance Leads to Better Reporting

Get a break down of the importance of agencies being NIBRS compliant, the challenges they face, and how CivicEye helps agencies integrate with ease. NIBRS data makes police more effective and helps create safer communities.

The National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) collects detailed information on each single crime incident.

Breaking down NIBRS:

  • National Crime Reporting standard as of January 2021
  • Captures detailed information to make informed decisions about crime
  • Provides more meaningful data and a more precise account of crime
  • Captures 58 data elements about crime including characteristics of victims and offenders, relationship, type of injury, location, and weapons involved in the crime
  • Used for tactical and strategic analysis at local, state, and federal levels

Challenges Law Enforcement Face with NIBRS:

As of March 2022, the FBI reported they would not be releasing a quarterly crime estimate for any quarter in 2021 due to the lack of agencies that reported data to the FBI. These estimates and data are critical for law-making decisions and policymaking at all levels. Improving the ease of data sharing and the quality and reliability of data leads to better community outcomes across the nation.

Agencies may be reluctant to switch to NIBRS because of the difficulty changing from their current records management system (RMS) to NIBRS-compliant software. They may also be concerned with the cost of implementation.

CivicRMS streamlines the data entry process for agencies using NIBRS by automating much of the data entry and validation that would typically be required. In 2020, Tennesee’s (a CivicEye customer) crime data derived from a NIBRS report showed a 38% high clearance rate over other state averages. This results in a significant reduction in the time and resources needed to submit incident reports. CivicEye works with agencies to help provide them with tools to assist to become NIBRS certified.

To learn more about how CivicRMS seamlessly integrates with NIBRS, contact [email protected]

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