CivicCase for Prosecutors


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Reporting and Case Analytics

Analyze your prosecution data—instantly.

CivicCase for Prosecutors Helps You:

  • Instantly visualize prosecution and case data
  • Use various filters and features to sort through data
  • Create reports based on case type
  • Monitor key metrics within the CivicCase dashboard
  • View real-time updates on current caseloads
  • Generate necessary financial reports

CivicEye’s case management software empower prosecution offices with comprehensive tools to visualize, analyze, and share prosecution outcomes and data instantly. CivicCase for Prosecutors provides an array of filters and features, enabling prosecutors to leverage data for informed decision-making in their ongoing strategies to uphold justice.

Access and Analyze Data

Delve into CivicCase’s Dashboard Reports and Tools to gain quick access to crucial case data. Navigate through various data layouts and formats to analyze key metrics, including the number of active cases, trials, and appeals. Simultaneously, stay updated on recent case activity and review case histories from the past year. With real-time updates on case intake queues, prosecutor assignments, case duration, and more, CivicCase streamlines information for efficient analysis.

Configure Agency-Specific Reports

Enhance your office’s analytic capabilities with CivicCase’s interoperability and custom reporting features. Generate reports based on case types, enabling detailed analysis of charges such as assault, rape, murder, and negligent injury. Utilize financial reports to track payments and outstanding balances associated with specific cases under the supervision of PTI, Diversion, Worthless Checks, and Traffic Departments.

Learn More

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CivicCase Reporting Tools in Action

With CivicCase for Prosecutors, your prosecution office can improve how you access and interpret case analytics and reports. This video highlights how CivicCase features a range of tools that help your prosecution team view aggregated data, directly in your case management system dashboard.  

In the video below, you’ll get a glimpse into:  

CivicCase for Prosecutors features relevant data for prosecutors directly in the system dashboard, with key metrics such as how many active cases, trials, and appeals your office currently has.  

CivicCase for Prosecutors allows users to create reports based on case types and charges, such as assault, rape, murder, negligent injury, and more. 

CivicCase enables system users to generate various financial reports and access financial summaries that can be used to track payments and outstanding balances associated with specific cases under the supervision of the PTI, Diversion, Worthless Checks, and/or Traffic Departments. 

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