CivicCase for Prosecutors


Configurable Statutes

Tailor statutes to your needs with configurable precision.

CivicCase for Prosecutors Helps You:

  • Efficiently manage statutes
  • Improve compliance with both state and federal-specific requirements
  • Cross-reference statute use across specific cases and charges
  • Reduce administrative burden of tracking, updating, and maintaining statute information

CivicCase for Prosecutors works with prosecutors and support staff to tailor their case management system’s statutes to their office’s specific needs. This configuration extends to statutes on both the state and federal levels, to align with the unique legal requirements and priorities of each prosecution office. This flexibility empowers prosecutors to adapt the software to the ever-evolving legal landscape, ensuring that it remains in sync with current laws and regulations. Whether it involves updating existing statutes or adding new ones, this capability provides a dynamic and adaptable solution that keeps prosecution offices agile and responsive in their pursuit of justice. It ultimately enhances the system’s utility and relevance, enabling legal professionals to navigate complex legal environments with precision and confidence.

Ensure Legal Compliance and Adaptability

CivicCase for Prosecutors’ configurable statutes feature empowers prosecutors by allowing them to ensure legal compliance and adaptability. Prosecution offices can customize statutes to align precisely with the unique legal requirements of their jurisdiction or office. This adaptability ensures that the case management system remains in sync with ever-evolving laws and regulations, reducing the risk of errors due to outdated legal references and enhancing the prosecution’s ability to adhere to current legal standards.

Save Time and Resources 

Configurable statutes streamline legal research and case preparation, saving prosecutors valuable time and resources. Instead of manually tracking and updating statutes, prosecutors can rely on the system’s customization capabilities to maintain an up-to-date legal framework. This efficiency allows legal professionals to allocate their time more effectively to core legal tasks, ultimately improving overall productivity.

Promote Precision in Legal Work 

This feature promotes precision in legal work by ensuring that statutes are tailored to the specific needs of the prosecution office. Prosecutors can configure statutes to match the nuances of their cases accurately. This precision minimizes the risk of misinterpreting or misapplying statutes, reducing legal errors and enhancing the overall quality of legal work.

Adapt to Changing Requirements and Laws 

Configurable statutes offer the flexibility to adapt to changing laws and regulations seamlessly. Prosecutors can promptly update statutes within the system to reflect amendments or new legislation. This adaptability ensures that the prosecution office remains agile and capable of addressing legal challenges promptly, maintaining the integrity of the legal process even as laws evolve.

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