CivicCase for Prosecutors


Victim Services

Improve Victim Support With Centralized Tracking.

CivicCase for Prosecutors Helps You:

  • Improve comprehensive reporting on victim services
  • Create detailed victim profiles for reference
  • Centralize and consolidate victim information from various sources
  • Link victims to specific cases and defendants
  • Customize notifications for victims based on victim request/preferences
  • Provide licenses to access information for state/grant reporting

CivicCase for Prosecutors improves the way victim data integrates into the prosecutorial process. The system’s comprehensive reporting capabilities allow for detailed analyses of crime types, victim demographics, and incident frequencies, facilitating streamlined state reporting and grant applications. Beyond internal data collection, CivicCase for Prosecutors extends its functionality with the potential to integrate with neighboring law enforcement agencies’ RMS software. This feature enables prosecutors to access a consolidated database of victim information from various sources, enhancing collaboration and data accuracy across jurisdictions.

Enhanced Victim Profiling and Case Management

CivicCase for Prosecutors stands out for its meticulous approach to victim profiling. The platform allows for the detailed entry of victim information, ranging from basic contact details to more sensitive data such as physical descriptions, incident-related injuries, and other relevant information. This ensures that each victim’s profile is comprehensive and accessible for case management purposes. Furthermore, the software adeptly links victims to their respective cases and defendants, offering prosecutors a clear and organized overview of all related parties from the onset of a case to its conclusion in court.

Customized Victim Communication and Accessible Reporting

Understanding the importance of victim communication, CivicCase for Prosecutors empowers victims by allowing them to set their preferences for receiving updates about their cases. This feature not only respects victims’ wishes but also ensures they are informed about critical developments, such as court dates or changes in the defendant’s status. Additionally, the system simplifies the process for users who require access to victim and case information for state or grant reporting. With designated licenses and an intuitive interface, CivicCase ensures that vital data is easily navigable and accessible, improving the reporting process and enhancing the overall efficiency of victim services management.

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