CivicCase for Prosecutors


Court date scheduling

Court Date Scheduling

Manage Court Dates and Tasks at a glance.

CivicCase for Prosecutors Helps You:

  • Centralize calendar dates within your dashboard
  • Create individual, user-specific calendars
  • Integrate your Microsoft 365/Outlook calendar into CivicCase for Prosecutors
  • Manage hearing dates and track important tasks
  • Access comprehensive office-wide calendars
  • View individual user calendar with privilege-based access controls

Streamlined Calendar Interface

CivicCase for Prosecutors supports case management with its user-friendly calendar dashboard and court date scheduling tools. Right from the start, system users gain immediate access to their schedules, showcasing daily arraignments and other critical appointments. This feature places the day’s agenda at the forefront, ensuring that prosecutors can plan and prepare efficiently. It simplifies daily planning, enabling a quick grasp of the day’s caseload and meetings.

Personalized Scheduling Solutions

The platform takes customization to the next level with user-specific calendars tailored to individual account privileges. This personalized approach allows each team member to view and manage their schedules independently, enhancing productivity and focus. Additionally, CivicCase integrates a comprehensive office calendar, fostering seamless coordination among team members. This holistic view aids in avoiding scheduling conflicts and promotes better resource allocation across the prosecutor’s office.

Easy Integration and Security

CivicCase for Prosecutors extends its capabilities with seamless integration with Microsoft 365/Outlook. This integration ensures that users can synchronize their Outlook calendars directly with CivicCase for Prosecutors, ensuring consistency across all calendar locations. Moreover, the system’s privilege-based access control guarantees that sensitive information and scheduling details remain secure and accessible only to those with the appropriate permissions. This layered approach to calendar management and security underscores CivicCase’s commitment to enhancing the prosecutorial process through innovative technology solutions to improve court date scheduling.

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