eDiscovery with CivicDocs

Transaction-Based Chain of Custody and Auditing

Preserve the integrity and reliability of evidence.

CivicDocs Helps You:

  • Track Evidence Handling for Legitimacy and Integrity
  • Provide Secure Storage and Access Control
  • Easily generate comprehensive audit reports
  • Demonstrate compliance with necessary regulations

What is Transaction-Based Chain of Custody and Auditing?

Transaction-based chain of custody and auditing refers to a method of tracking and recording the movement and handling of physical or digital evidence, such as documents or other data, through a secure and auditable system. This method is based on the creation of a chain of transactions or events that document each step in the handling process, including who handled it, when it was handled, and the purpose of the handling.  

Why Transaction-Based?

The purpose of transaction-based chain of custody is to ensure the integrity and reliability of the evidence by providing a clear and auditable record of an item’s handling and management. This is especially important in legal and investigative contexts, in which the chain of custody is often used as a key element in establishing the authenticity and reliability of the evidence in court.  

CivicDocs helps to ensure evidence’s admissibility through detailed audit logs and secure certification reports. These certifications are automatically generated in every digital interaction for all parties—including prosecution teams, law enforcement users, and defense attorneys. CivicDocs captures other necessary details such as who viewed or downloaded documents at what time. In this way, the auditing process provides an additional layer of verification by ensuring that any changes or manipulations to the evidence are detected and recorded. Ultimately, this helps maintain accountability and transparency throughout the discovery process. CivicDocs is a valuable tool for demonstrating compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

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