Defense Attorney Portal

Improve eDiscovery and communication with defense attorneys.

CivicDocs Helps You:

  • Provide defense teams with unique login credentials
  • Securely release eDiscovery
  • Document every interaction with files through transaction-based audit logs
  • Protect sensitive information and maintain the confidentiality of legal documents
  • Increase software adoption rates with a user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Alert defense attorneys with real-time notifications when materials become available for review

Secure and Personalized Access

CivicDocs’s Defense Attorney Portal improves the exchange of discoverable materials and communications between prosecutors and defense attorneys. Particularly, CivicDocs improves how defense teams interact with case materials by providing unique login credentials for each user. This feature not only enhances security but also personalizes the user experience, ensuring that every defense team member can securely access the portal without compromising sensitive information.

Advanced Tracking and Security

The portal stands out for its meticulous attention to detail in tracking user interactions through transaction-based audit logs. These logs capture every action taken within the portal, from viewing to downloading files, offering heightened transparency and accountability. This feature is particularly crucial for prosecutors who need to demonstrate the chain of custody for discoverable materials, ensuring that the defense’s access to information is both transparent and traceable. Moreover, the implementation of high-level security measures safeguards against unauthorized access and potential breaches, making CivicDocs a bastion of data security in the legal tech landscape.

Efficient and User-Centric Design

Understanding the fast-paced nature of legal work, CivicDocs has designed its Defense Attorney Portal with the end-user in mind. Real-time notifications alert defense attorneys the moment new materials are made available. This eliminates delays and promotes a more dynamic legal process. The user-friendly interface further enhances this efficiency, stripping away complexity to provide a straightforward, intuitive platform. With CivicDocs, prosecutors can be assured that their eDiscovery and defense communications are traceable and secure.

CivicDocs Features for Releasing Discovery to Defense Attorneys

With CivicDocs, prosecutors can easily and securely release discoverable materials to defense attorneys. This video highlights how CivicDocs can help your prosecution team expedite eDiscovery and communications with defense teams, all while clearly documenting and auditing the movement of sensitive CJI and vital digital evidence. 

Specifically, this video provides a glimpse into: 

Each party (including defense attorneys) is granted unique and secure login credentials for easy access.

Upon logging in, defense attorneys can automatically view and click through assigned cases.

Within cases, defense attorneys can quickly access any documents or information released by the prosecution staff.

Activities of both prosecutors and defense attorneys are constantly tracked and monitored through detailed audit logs that capture all eDiscovery activities.

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