bulk upload files with CivicDocs

Bulk Upload Capability

Upload digital files with ease.

CivicDocs Helps You:

  • Minimize Time Spent Uploading Documents
  • Share Large File Capacities Digitally
  • Categorize Files by Normal, Read-only, Non-discoverable or Confidential
  • Eliminate Physical File Transfers between Agencies
  • Upload Individual Files and Entire Folders

Why Bulk Upload?

Prosecutors and law enforcement officials sometimes need to upload hundreds, if not thousands, of files at a time. CivicDocs’s bulk upload capability empowers system users to efficiently manage and organize large amounts of electronic evidence at once. Especially with the proliferation of digital data in investigations and court proceedings, it can be a daunting task to manually upload countless individual files. Not to mention, the amount of digital evidence in an average criminal investigation can easily grow to terabytes or even petabytes of data, which requires specialized tools and techniques for processing, analyzing, and managing the data. With CivicDocs’s bulk upload capability, users can quickly and easily upload a large number of files at once, which can save both significant time and resources. 

Categorizing and Organizing Data

Bulk uploading enables users to categorize and tag files, which makes it easier to manage and analyze the information. This is especially important when dealing with complex cases that involve large multitudes of files. With CivicDocs, users can tag each file with relevant information, such as case numbers, dates, and file types, making it easier to sort and filter the data. 

It’s worth noting that not all of the digital evidence collected in an investigation will be relevant or admissible in court. However, the sheer volume of digital evidence means that it is critical for investigators to have robust processes in place for collecting, preserving, and analyzing the data in a way that can withstand legal scrutiny. 

Fast Upload Time

With CivicDocs, digital evidence and documentation can be uploaded in seconds while maintaining the file structure organized by the investigator. Time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent waiting for disk drives to be copied, or during physical transfer processes when officials must travel to physically hand over files. Anyone permissioned with access (such as law enforcement, prosecutors, or defense) can quickly upload and view information within CivicDocs’s cloud-based infrastructure.  

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