Law Enforcement Portal

Securely collaborate with law enforcement agencies.

CivicDocs Helps You:

  • Receive digitally-submitted charges from law enforcement agencies
  • Improve the case intake process with tools for reviewing and/or rejecting submissions
  • Minimize the submission of incomplete intake from LEAs with required, configurable fields
  • Automatically or manually generate e-subpoenas
  • Keep law enforcement agencies informed with case updates in their own portal access
  • Inform law enforcement of their active caseloads with clear, detailed dashboards

The CivicDocs Law Enforcement Portal bridges the gap between law enforcement and prosecution teams. By integrating core functionalities, the portal enhances collaboration and expedites the prosecution process, ensuring swift justice. It empowers officers with real-time access to case statuses and legal proceedings, fostering a proactive approach to case management. This innovative portal redefines traditional case submission processes, setting a new standard for efficiency and communication in the justice system. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features reflect a deep understanding of the needs of law enforcement and prosecutors, making it an indispensable tool in modern prosecution offices and law enforcement agencies.

Improved Case Submission and Intake

With CivicDocs, prosecutors can instantly receive submitted charges and case information from law enforcement agencies through the system’s Law Enforcement Portal. This electronic submission process not only expedites the intake of cases but also aligns with modern digital practices, ensuring that all necessary information reaches prosecution teams swiftly and securely.

Enhanced Review and Validation

Within the portal, prosecutors and support staff can review, charge, or reject cases, fostering a smoother decision-making workflow. A standout feature is the portal’s rigorous validation process, which mandates the completion of all required fields before submission. This feature guarantees the integrity and completeness of every case submitted, preventing delays caused by incomplete information.

Comprehensive Case Management

Once charges are filed, law enforcement officers gain access to detailed case information, keeping all relevant parties in the loop. Moreover, the portal simplifies the management of legal documents through its E-Subpoena generation feature. Officers also benefit from an overview of their active caseload, including critical details such as upcoming hearings, assigned prosecutors, defense attorneys, and specific charges, ensuring they remain informed and prepared at every stage.

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