Cracking Cases with Data: The Importance of Digital Evidence

CivicDocs securely collects, redacts, and stores digital evidence and media, while ensuring confidentiality and security throughout investigations.

Evidence Collection and Preservation

Easily and securely intake digital evidence and allow users to gather, upload, store, and preserve digital evidence and documents on a CJIS-compliant server. 

Bulk Upload Capacity

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Improve Discovery Process

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Sharing and Collaboration

Improve efficiency with quick access to relevant information. With CivicDocs, your team can reduce physical file transfers by digitally sharing evidence files with law enforcement and prosecution—ultimately streamlining the investigative process. 

Advanced Search Functionality

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Case Collaboration in Real-time

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White-Glove Support

Get access to the tech support your team needs, when you need it. 

24/7/365 Tech Support

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CJIS Compliant Cloud Technology

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Chain of Custody

Establish a strong chain of custody and easily verify the authenticity of evidence with CivicDocs. Detailed audit logs prevent tampering or contamination, overcome defense objections, and demonstrate the thoroughness of an investigation. 

Transaction-Based Chain of Custody and Auditing

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Share Access via Structured Role Portals

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