The Women of CivicEye

Celebrating Women’s History Month 2022

March is Women’s History Month, and CivicEye is taking a moment to highlight the women in our organization by highlighting their passions, influential women in their life, and why women in leadership are vital. We are honored to have a strong group of women working among us to share their experiences across various departments and impart some wisdom with our readers. 

women of CivicEye
What are you passionate about?

“I am passionate about serving others. My desire to serve our citizens is the reason I ran for Mayor, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County in 2015. My passion is also what attracted me to the CivicEye Board. I am motivated every day by our purpose and mission of helping save lives and increasing public safety by delivering advanced cloud software for communities and law enforcement professionals.”
– Linda Rebrovick, Member, CivicEye Board of Directors

“Languages (human and computer)! I speak three languages fluently and am currently learning two more. I love exploring new programming tools too; FGL (Fifth Generation Language Source File) has been particularly rewarding to learn because it is so unique and powerful. “
– Martina Gasser, Software Support & Engineer

“I am passionate about bringing ideas to life. Cultivating creativity at work allows a team to collaborate and work together in a fun way, invigorate pride in your work, and inspire growth through the business. I love being a part of the conversation and putting problem-solving skills to the test. In my personal life, I love baking and being creative with flavors. It is a wonderful feeling to deliver a product that people love.”
– Adrienne Clarke, Digital Marketing Manager  

Why do we need more women in leadership roles in technology and law enforcement? 

“Women bring a different perspective of problem resolution to the table because of the soft skills they employ. Using less force and more empathy can create an environment to deescalate situations and open lines of communication to build relationships further.”
– Christy O’Neal, Sales Account Executive

“We need more women in all these areas, so girls know it is attainable. The more women they see in typically male-dominated industries, the more they can aspire to be whomever they wish to be in this world.”
– Tanisha Adams, Head of Product 

Who is a woman you admire that has been influential in your life and career?

“My mother has been the most influential woman in my life. As a single mother raising three kids, she taught me to keep my head up when things get tough and that if you are willing to put in the work, you can accomplish anything.”
– Christie Pearce, Software Engineer II/Technical Team Lead

“Dr. Emily Wheeler, Director of New Student & Family Services at UNC Charlotte. She has shown me that you can do it all. You can pursue higher education, lead a team, have a family all while having fun in the process.”
– Shannon McGevna, Content Marketing Manager

What is an important message or piece of advice you want to share? 

 “A road trip is rarely a straight drive – be comfortable making some detours to find the best route. Things will not go how you imagine them, in career, life, relationships, and experiences. Sometimes a wrong turn now can lead you down a better road that you would never have thought about before, with beautiful views and unexpected acquaintances that can impact your life.”
– Adrienne Clarke, Digital Marketing Manager 

 “Live and act with purpose and while doing so, be kind to those you encounter.”
– Tanisha Adams, Head of Product 

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