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CivicEye delivers modern, easy-to-use cloud software for law enforcement and prosecutors that helps to enhance daily workflows and improve community outcomes.

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The CivicEye Difference

Combining a modern cloud infrastructure with field-tested insights from across the US, CivicEye is changing the face of public safety software. Officers are better equipped, leaders are more informed, and lives are saved with software that adapts to agency needs.

RMS police software

Cloud-Based Software Delivers Community-Based Outcomes

Only CivicEye offers

  • NIBRS-compliant reporting
  • Simplified, flexible case workflows built for efficiency
  • Easy to use software that works on your phone, in your car, or at your desk
  • Secure API so anything and everything can connect
  • Data validation checks for State and Federal compliance
  • Real-time data analytics
  • 24/7/365 Support

Building a safer community together

“We have seen an improvement in compliance reporting to the state and improved relations within the community.”

“Our administrative staff rests assured knowing that confidentiality, integrity and availability are its primary focus.”

“Among the competitors we demoed, it’s the most user-friendly, makes a huge difference in how our officers and detectives handle cases, and the customer support is top-notch.”

The End-To-End Public Safety Platform

Public safety record management system that is easy to use, fast, and compliant.

  • Search hundreds of millions of records in less than a second
  • Native NIBRS validation
  • Real-time graphic mapping and reporting

Judicial document system purpose-built for law enforcement, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.

  • Share any form of evidence including online documents, body and dash cam video, surveillance, and more
  • Securely access from anywhere
  • Mitigate risk and preserve chain-of-evidence

Prosecution case management system that streamlines everything from discovery to appeals.

  • Collect any form of digital evidence, quickly and easily
  • Convert complex paper forms to interactive online tools
  • Deliver documents to prosecutorial teams for trial and discovery

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