Has Law Enforcement Training Changed?

The need for increased training for law enforcement professionals and transparency around this training has heightened recently across the Nation. 

How will you respond when your agency and its officers are potentially questioned on your agency’s training practices and policy? Are you able to pinpoint data that supports training efforts? Are you on a platform that allows you to track and report on training for students and instructors?  

Law enforcement agencies in the US have expressed an increased need for additional Training surrounding active shootings, firearms, and more. How are you responding to this increased demand? Equipping officers with the ability to access top-tier Training can change community outcomes. 

Modern technology has changed how officers are trained and do their job. There has also been a greater focus on intelligence-based policing. Beyond that, societal changes have also impacted how police respond to calls. Continued education is pivotal in ensuring officers are equipped with the most up-to-date and relevant information and tools for best responding. 

Police Chief Magazine recommends training and education techniques incorporate the following: 

  • Bite-Sized Modules – Condensing Training into smaller learning periods makes transferring learning from the classroom to the field 17% more efficient. 
  • Video – Video can be quickly understood and easily applied to a real-life situation. 
  • Online Training – Delivering Training online can be cost-effective and often reduces distractions. 
  • Hands-On Training – Effective Training includes integrating hands-on, in-person lessons with video content to increase muscle memory needed for tactical response. 

The time to enable officers with training is now, not just after the fact of a horrific event, like the recent Highland Park parade shooting.  

One way to address this for your agency and officers is by implementing a technology-based training platform. CivicRMS from CivicEye includes a Training Module that provides administrators with a fully integrated platform to manage all aspects of law enforcement training. The system consists of specific functions for the training administrator, instructors, and students.  

The CivicRMS Training Module offers the following capabilities to modernize your approach to Training: 

  • Track POST required training certifications 
  • Maintain training courses, including lesson plans, course goals, and objectives 
  • Offer class enrollment, training schedules 
  • Maintain training files on all personnel 
  • Virtual class communication  
  • Create class certificates 

CivicRMS uses a cloud-based platform to enable agencies to track courses easily and supports officers with tools and resources to make them better at their job. As your demand for training increases, CivicRMS can expand to meet your growing needs. 

Learn more about this module feature and others by booking a demo with our team today.  

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