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CivicRMS Module Feature: eTicketing

CivicRMS provides users with a suite of modules that link necessary components of an investigation. The modules have extensive integration to combine real-time data sharing with advanced security and access controls. With a few simple clicks, you can save time by submitting data just once and populating it through a series of arrest records, citations, incident reports, and more. CivicEye uses a unique identifier, LEX, to create a master ID for global data sharing of all persons, locations, incidents, weapons, warrants, drugs, etc. This advanced software system makes it easier to prevent duplicate records and associate them across modules. 

Feature: e-ticketing
CivicRMS Module: eTicketing Traffic Tickets
RMS Module Feature: eTicketing

The CivicRMS police eTicketing system module helps police departments manage traffic tickets efficiently and effectively. The system is designed to streamline the ticketing process from start to finish, and includes features such as automated ticket generation, online payments, and tracking of traffic violations.

With the CivicRMS eTicketing module, officers can:

  • Reduces time spent on stops, citations, and report writing
  • Keep officers and violators safer
  • Eliminates data entry errors
  • Cut down the cost of processing citations
  • Auto-fills violator information
  • Operates on any mobile data terminal
  • Integrates with CAD + JMS

The eTicketing module is built into CivicRMS as a single ticketing took for officers to streamline their ticket writing while on their beat. With powerful search tools, officers are able to pull data points for report population all in one area. This module simplifies the ticketing process by making it easy-to-use and efficient.

In utilizing cloud-based software like CivicRMS with features like eTicketing, your agency is becoming a force multiplier. By streamlining workflows inside an officers patrol vehicle, they are able to spend less time writing reports and more time keeping communities safe.

The key difference between CivicRMS eTicketing and other platforms is that E-Ticketing is built into the records management software. Officers do not have to weave in and out of various platforms in order to right violations.

CivicRMS’s eTicketing module is the perfect solution for police departments looking to improve their traffic ticket management process. If you’re ready to streamline your ticketing and make your department run more efficiently, contact us today to learn more about our eTicketing module.

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