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How RMS Impacts Real-World Policing

A focus on the features that make police records management systems vital to modern-day policing.

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Civic RMS provides users with the perfect platform for public safety.

CivicRMS, CivicEye’s Records Management System, provides users with the perfect platform for public safety. Law enforcement leaders realize that an effective RMS is more than a report writing system but a tool to impact real-world policing strategies. 

CivicRMS provides users the platform to document a preliminary and follow-up investigation, capturing the required IBRS data and providing a systematic and logical workflow for officers to secure the information needed for investigation, arrest, and conviction. CivicEye also collects the data necessary to provide leaders with real-time, actionable intelligence necessary for effective tactical deployment and strategic policing.

Explore the features and focuses that guide our product development to enhance law enforcement and public safety records management systems. 

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