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CivicRMS Module Feature: Field Interview

CivicRMS provides users with a suite of modules that link necessary components of an investigation. The modules have extensive integration to combine real-time data sharing with advanced security and access controls. With a few simple clicks, you can save time by submitting data just once and populating it through a series of arrest records, citations, incident reports, and more. CivicEye uses a unique identifier, LEX, to create a master ID for global data sharing of all persons, locations, incidents, weapons, warrants, drugs, etc. This advanced software system makes it easier to prevent duplicate records and associate them across modules. 

Feature: Field Interview
RMS Module Feature: Field Interview
RMS Module Feature: Field Interview

A recent addition to the system is Field Interview (FI), which provides officers with a tool to document suspicious activity. Using FI, officers can:

  1. Identify suspicious persons, vehicles, or locations
  2. Search the CivicRMS database
  3. Check for warnings and any records of potential criminal activity
  4. Document information
  5. Geocode and map locations of interest

CivicRMS FI provides detectives and analysts vital information in the investigation of crime. It gives officers the ability to document information related to a specific area of criminal activity and identify potential suspects. By using FI, officers can add secondary documentation that can be used to follow up with sex offenders and probation and parolees, ultimately adding more attention to areas where it could be a concern for the community.

CivicRMS Field Interview is another influential module providing system users with the best platform for public safety.

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