5 Ways Technology is Solving Today’s Public Safety Challenges

What challenges do states face in ensuring public safety? Most of our public safety organizations usually try to make do with the existing systems that they have in place. However, delaying upgrading or investing in newer technologies because of expense can put your organization behind. Given the public safety issues in America, investing in your public safety management system is something that will save you money and make your community safer.

Mobile technologies continue to increase our access to real-time information, which supports officer safety and effectiveness. So, how can these technologies ease our public safety concerns in 2022? That’s what this article will answer. 

We are going to take a look at how we at CivicEye have the technology to help your public safety organization stay on the cutting edge, as well as the five ways today’s public safety challenges can be met.

Case Study from LaFollette, TN Police Department (March 2022)

Access to Relevant Data 

To meet today’s public safety challenges, mobile technology is a critical piece. Technology in the public safety sector is only limited by our imaginations, but we need to be able to leverage today’s technology before looking towards the future. With today’s current public safety issues, having relevant and real-time data in the palm of your officers hands is imperative. Today’s organizations need their old, non-digitized data within seconds. CivicEye is leading this upgrade and innovation at the forefront of the field with CivicRMS, CivicCase and CivicDocs.

In a matter of seconds, your organization can share data across multiple platforms. Arrest records, ticketing, citations, warrants, backgrounds, vehicle data, and much more are available to help keep your responders directly connected to agency data. The more information that can be provided, the more your responders can stay out in the field rather than behind a desk, keeping your community safe.

Mobile Technology

Agencies can use a variety of technologies, with access to all data available to be downloaded. Officers out in the field today are using smartphones and tablets, mobile data terminals (MDT’s), body cameras, drones, watches, and other mobile technologies.  Almost all agencies understand the importance of equipping their organizations with the much needed resources to keep public safety concerns at a minimum.

Not to mention, these new technologies can be very cost-effective for your organization or agency. Many government agencies are limited budget-wise, meaning organizations need to find their own ways to be innovative. These new digital and mobile technologies are efficient in cutting operational costs and expenditures. 

Community Conversations Using Data

Collecting data is a critical part of the public safety process. With as many public safety challenges as our American communities are seeing, telling your agency’s story through effective data is a great way to communicate with your community and alleviate concerns or questions. 

Right now, unfortunately, we are seeing public confidence in law enforcement at a record low. But, by providing our communities with data and enough transparency, we can begin to see that trend start to flip the other way.

Unfortunately, many jurisdictions just don’t have the capability to collect the data needed. That is one of the areas where CivicEye can help. Many police departments are turning to technology and the data that it can produce to tell their story to the public, helping to build trust in their agency. Sharing crime data, use-of-force data, and mental and behavior crisis response data allows complete transparency with your community. 

A data portal is a great way for an agency to get their information out to the public. With simple and easy to use software from CivicEye, community members are getting to see just what their local agencies are doing and what steps they are taking to make their community safer. 

Retaining Recruits With a Diverse Workplace

Workforces are facing shortages in all industries, but staffing issues and shortages are some of the many public safety challenges our departments are dealing with. Many agency leaders are calling this one of the most difficult times that they have experienced within their careers in terms of hiring and retention.

One of the ways to help with staffing shortages and public safety challenges is technology. When that technology is incorporated, it can bring a diverse workforce multiplier to the table through advanced workflows and time-saving automation. When it comes to product design and engineering, this means a more user-centric software that is also more equitable. 

Defend Against Cyber Attacks

As cyber attacks evolve, so must cyber defense. Hacks often lead our government agencies spending billions of dollars every year to combat one of, if not the biggest public safety challenges. 

One of the many ways that a department can start to protect themselves from cyber attacks in the use of newer technologies and through CJIS compliant security. CivicEye is an industry leader in helping fix current public safety issues, which can help stave off cyber attacks in your agency.

Although our systems help protect against cyber attacks, the best practice is also training your agency in how to protect your systems through the best practices and correct use. Leveraging cloud-native technologies is a vital piece of cyber security. Although it may sometimes be met with skepticism, cloud-based systems can provide a level of security that is much more significant than on-premise technology.

CivicEye will help keep your agency from being a victim of ransomware and malware before it’s too late. Not only that, Cloud-based technology from Civic Eye will allow your users to share and access data literally anywhere. For law enforcement and public safety officials this means accessing data in real-time as it does not live in one particular location. And best of all, it is still secure. 

Other benefits include ongoing delivery, mobility and accessibility, and the fact that it is cost-effective. As previously mentioned, cost is something that constantly comes up when it comes to department spending. 

Cloud-based systems require low capital expenditure costs, while allowing for more predictable, recurring subscription costs. This will allow your public service agency to strategically plan and deploy your resources while also saving your agency from one of the nation’s biggest public safety challenges.

Consistently Review Policies & Procedures

One area that public safety agencies need to stay on top of is their policies and procedures. Agencies should proactively review all of their policies and procedures to make sure they are aligning with the industry’s best practices. 

Agencies that don’t regularly review their policies and procedures are at risk of systematically falling under decree. Public safety software from Civic Eye drastically cuts down on the likelihood that your agency will fall under decree. This is achieved via built-in accountability that automatically reviews the necessary policies and procedures, flagging and alerting you to any break within them. 

Our system at CivicEye provides your agency with the information to track and review policies and outcomes, ensuring that your agency remains compliant. With active validation checks, you will be able to stay compliant with local, state and federal organizations.

CivicEye delivers modern, easy to use cloud software for communities and law enforcement that helps save lives and increases security. With products for law enforcement, lawyers, and government agencies, we can outfit your agency to help bring it into compliance and up to speed with today’s technology.

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