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The article referenced was written and published by Police1.

CivicEye delivers modern, cloud-based software solutions to public safety and law enforcement professionals, enhancing daily workflows and improving community outcomes. Our core products include CivicRMS, CivicDocs, CivicCase, and CivicFusion, supported by advanced proprietary law enforcement exchange technology (LEX). These products and the myriad of additional features built into the software help our clients advance their data collection and simplify the records and reporting processes across departments and agencies.

David Lutfy served as a South Carolina police officer for 25 years before joining CivicEye (formerly Agisent) as President. His law enforcement experience has provided CivicEye an advantage in developing and continuously building a software system that benefits law enforcement agencies. We’re proud to make software designed by public safety professionals to make a difference.

David Lutfy, police officer, South Carolina
David Lutfy serving as LEO in SC

Our CivicRMS platform remains our core records management solution for law enforcement officers. When small agencies are faced with transitioning from antiquated practices to modern solutions, our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform may be the answer you’ve been looking for when considering an RMS upgrade.

Check out the full article on Police1 for further insight on how his experience in law enforcement helped shape the product used by many clients across the US today.

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