CivicEye's Wes Blanton works alongside Sparta Police Department and White County Sheriff's Department.

Leadership View: Serving Those Who Serve Us – The Heart of CivicEye’s Client Success

Authored by Joshua South, Head of Operations

As I often reflect back on the last 12 years spent in the Public Safety software industry, one theme is ever-present: the need for – and appreciation of – great Customer Service. The feedback that we consistently hear in the market is that so many struggle with poor—or nonexistent—support from their RMS, PCMS, and/or DEMS vendor. 

In the day-to-day lives of public safety professionals, support is key. Whether in a patrol car, a district attorney’s office, or a courtroom, each of these professionals have a very challenging job—and they often do it shorthanded.  

Instead of adding to the successes of their clients, these companies are detracting from the outcomes that LEOs and prosecutors work so hard to achieve.  

Our Client Success and Technical Support teams understand: 

We can’t be part of the problem. 

Software is designed to make everyday tasks easier—to streamline processes, organize information, and, simply, get things done.  

This industry, our clients—it’s all personal to me.  

I come from a law enforcement family, and my dad was in law enforcement for 37 years. He’s the smartest, hardest-working man I know, and I have a deep respect and admiration for those in all areas of the Public Safety and Criminal Justice industry.  

Professionally, I began my career in Technical Support, answering phone calls and helpdesk requests each day from LEOs around the country. It is one of my fondest memories (although not always the easiest).  

That early experience shaped a lot of who I am professionally today and is near and dear to me. I was raised by my parents to work hard, be respectful, and be accountable to myself for all that I do, and those are values that I see reflected each day in the members of our Technical Support Team. 

That early experience was part of a wonderful success story that was built on excellent customer service, communication, and building relationships with our clients. And it’s one of the things I love about CivicEye; our clients love our technical support team and the service we provide each day.  Service is at the heart of everything I do, and it’s foundational to this organization as well.  

Client Success with CivicEye is a partnership. We not only want to make sure your technical support needs are met, but that we grow with our clients, and our clients grow with us. We accomplish this through a variety of methods, but we truly pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients, our industry knowledge, and a passion to serve that underscores everything we do.  

From left to right: Captain Nate Theiss (White County Sheriff’s Office), Wes Blanton (CivicEye’s Technical Support Team), and Detective Nick Dunn (Sparta Police Department).

Our Client Success Team is comprised of individuals with direct experience in Law Enforcement and Prosecution, including former Police Chiefs and Federal Law Enforcement Agents. We know this industry because our team has lived in this industry and brings decades of experience and consultation to each client interaction.  

CivicEye has made it our mission to digitize and democratize records management to improve community outcomes and we cannot be successful in this mission without a foundation rooted in serving those that serve us each day. Customer support and Client Success aren’t simply functions in an org chart; they’re people that care deeply about what we do.

For law enforcement officials: great support means less time on hold and less time completing reports—more time protecting our communities and more time at the end of the day with their families.  

For Prosecutors: great support means less time looking up information critical to a case, easier access to digital evidence, and more time dedicated to providing closure to families victimized by crime— ensuring justice is served.   

Both Technical Support and Client Success can be thankless jobs. For many, the best customer support teams are the ones you never have to think about—but know this:  

We think about our clients and the law enforcement officials and prosecutors we serve every single day. 

CivicEye's Wes Blanton works alongside Sparta Police Department and White County Sheriff's Department.

CivicEye’s Wes Blanton works alongside Sparta Police Department and White County Sheriff’s Office.


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