CivicEye serves public safety officials across the full spectrum of the criminal justice system.

A Full Spectrum Solution: CivicEye Across the Criminal Justice System

Every day, men and women across the criminal justice system work to make our communities safer. From law enforcement officials to prosecutors, investigators, clerks, courtroom officials, and everyone in between, our society relies on these individuals to shape justice in our country. 

As necessary as these roles are, many employees in criminal justice are facing peak burnout levels, staffing shortages, and retention issues. This is all to add to a field that’s already highly stressful. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Undoubtedly, it’s a complex one. There doesn’t seem to be a single, surefire way to solve the multi-faceted problems these public servants are facing.  

But—technology may be able to help. 

Innovative technology can empower public safety officials across the criminal justice system, with advanced tools for records management (RMS), digital evidence (DEMS), case management, and courtroom technology, among other integrations such as computer-aided dispatch (CAD), jail management systems (JMS), and more. 

At CivicEye, we believe that we’re uniquely situated to serve public safety officials. Our innovative technology spans across the full spectrum of the criminal justice system—from initial incidents, all the way to court sentencing.  

In this blog, we’ll explore how CivicEye’s technology enables public safety officials to streamline their workflows and efficiency with products like CivicRMS, CivicDocs, CivicCase for Prosecutors, and CivicCase for Courts, alongside integrations with our partner providers.  

Additionally, we’ll explore why integrations matter, and how selecting integrated technologies can allow you to choose best-in-class products from each provider. 

Let’s dive in. 

Expediting 9-1-1 Calls and Dispatch to RMS 

Many law enforcement officials are relying on outdated technologies (if any technology whatsoever) in their daily workflows. On top of this, many agencies must toggle between applications to access CAD, RMS, and JMS information. 

When law enforcement officials initially receive calls, they rely on computer-aided dispatch systems (CAD) to relay critical information. Many officers work with CAD systems that don’t integrate with their records management system. As a result, officers are constantly switching between different windows and platforms. This interrupted workflow slows down response times and also can make subsequent reports more complicated.  

With CivicRMS, users can ensure that the CAD provider of their choice seamlessly integrates with CivicRMS’s platform, expediting information sharing through the software’s secure API. Officers can respond to calls quickly, without having to operate out of multiple systems and windows. Users can access CAD modules directly within the CivicRMS system, with integrated views for partner technologies. 

Law enforcement can benefit from a software that has a full spectrum approach across the criminal justice system.

Investigation, Reporting, and Tracking Transformation 

For records management, some smaller agencies (for example) continue to generate reports and track incidents solely through pen-and-paper methods. Finding, sharing, and compiling information is likely tedious, and sharing information with prosecution teams usually requires time-consuming, physical transportation. 

Enter CivicRMS. CivicEye’s records management solution helps law enforcement officials create incidents, manage evidence, generate reports, track arrests, and more—all in one secure, streamlined location.  

Law enforcement officials can instantly access information anytime, anywhere through CivicRMS’s cloud-based platform. Sharing data and collaborating is safe, secure, and easy. 

For example, in White County, TN, officers have used CivicRMS to instantly share data with neighboring jurisdictions, while streamlining workflows and empowering officers with access to digital field notes. To read more about how White County is maximizing its records management system, click here. 

Evidence Management Made Efficient 

After processing incidents, arrests, and necessary reports, officers must manage evidence, both physically and digitally. With physical files, it’s easy for information to be lost or misplaced. Plus, officials have to spend time transporting clunky banker boxes between offices (such as prosecutors, law enforcement, and defense teams). These processes cost valuable transportation time.  

Here’s where CivicDocs comes into play. CivicDocs, CivicEye’s digital evidence management solution, allows users to manage all of their documents, digital evidence, and sensitive information with tools such as transaction-based tracking and reporting. These tools are designed to preserve chain-of-custody, while also maximizing efficient workflows between law enforcement agencies and prosecutor offices. 

Additionally, users can instantly search through thousands of files in seconds, with advanced search functionality. Alongside powerful search, users can bulk upload numerous files with a single click, all while maintaining original file structure. 

Perhaps most impressively, CivicDocs specializes in advanced eDiscovery processes, enabling prosecutorial teams, law enforcement, and defense teams to access digital evidence securely. Detailed audit logs show versioning of documents, while also providing information on where documents were accessed, at what time, and whether they were downloaded, modified, etc.  

These features are vital for prosecutorial teams during discovery processes and workflows in proving that digital evidence is tamper-proof and properly discoverable. In states across the United States, users are leveraging CivicDocs’s eDiscovery tools to power their digital evidence transfer and maintenance.  

Case Management Excellence 

Next up, cases and evidence are pushed to prosecution teams from law enforcement agencies. 

If prosecutors have access to a digitized case management system, many available platforms are outdated and inefficient. Traditional case management systems can be antiquated and require complicated workarounds for simple tasks. For example, users have to exit the platform for basic tools such as redaction, billing, and more.  

In contrast, CivicCase for Prosecutors allows users to access the tools they need all within one streamlined interface. Prosecutorial teams can organize files, manage documents, and easily collaborate via user-specific controls and permissions. Users can also coordinate scheduling and calendars, while also creating notifications for upcoming events and reminders.  

Prosecutors can benefit from a software that has a full spectrum approach across the criminal justice system.

Like CivicEye’s other products, CivicCase for Prosecutor users can access the platform anytime, anywhere via a secure, cloud-based network. This feature allows prosecutors to access information instantly and work on cases outside of the office. 

For invoices and all necessary forms, users can instantly generate flexible, digitized forms within the CivicCase platform. Users can easily upload forms to generate digital versions, while easily editing, finalizing, and versioning these forms as necessary. This tool is invaluable in saving prosecutors time while managing cases. 

Additionally, CivicCase for Prosecutors creates intuitive workflows throughout the prosecution system, helping users easily progress cases from step to step. By monitoring the stage of cases, users can designate tasks for specific users. This helps ensure cases are closed smoothly and efficiently. 

Municipal and County Courts: Efficiency at Its Finest 

Finally, prosecution teams share and deliver cases to the court system. 

Municipal and county court officials are constantly managing high volumes of cases. CivicCase for Courts is designed to help users streamline processes such as court scheduling, case tracking, and docket management. Judges and clerks can simplify the process for traffic violations, citations, protection orders, civil, small claims, class B misdemeanors, and more. 

Real-time data synchronization between different stakeholders—such as judges, attorneys, and court staff—helps align users with the most updated information, files, and data. This can help officials maximize communication and expedite courtroom proceedings.  

To learn more about CivicEye’s latest product, CivicCase for Courts, click here to get in touch with our team today. 

Collaboration with Best-in-Class Providers 

From initial arrest to the courtroom, there are other technological tools that can assist officials along the way. Law enforcement agencies need modern computer-aided dispatch systems to relay critical information, while prosecutors need to be able to access law enforcement’s digital evidence repositories.  

CivicEye believes that no one provider can specialize in everything, and that’s why we focus on what we do best: RMS, DEMS, and case management for prosecutors and courts. Our products feature a secure API that allows users to integrate all other additional software of their choosing. 

The CivicEye team partners specifically with providers so that officials can leverage the best technologies possible. This secure API allows users to adapt their technological needs at any point, as users can adopt new integrations to maximize their existing RMS, DEMS, or case management capabilities.  

Specifically, CivicEye products are designed to allow partner softwares to easily plug-in, so that users can access all of their needed tools and information in a singular, secure, cloud-based location. 

Unleashing the Potential of CivicEye‘s Full Spectrum Approach

As technology continues to advance, CivicEye continues to embrace emerging tech tools and believes in providing users with the best experience possible. CivicEye’s secure API creates opportunity for scalability as agencies grow, while also allowing for future enhancement and feature expansions.  

In this way, users aren’t limited to legacy systems that can’t update with relevant industry trends, or legacy systems that are inoperable with other software platforms. By choosing a modern RMS, DEMS, or case management system with CivicEye, users can ensure that their tech is ready to advance with their agency, alongside new technology possibilities.  

As a result, law enforcement agencies, prosecutorial offices, and county and municipal courts can ensure that they’re operating with the best possible providers, even as tech quickly advances throughout a multi-year contract. 


CivicEye’s platform is designed to support criminal justice officials from law enforcement, prosecution, and county and municipal court proceedings. With access to the latest technology, CivicEye users can benefit from access to information anytime, anywhere, via a secure, cloud-based platform. Additionally, users can select partner technologies of their choosing to specifically serve their agency’s needs, while knowing that CivicEye’s secure API allows room for continued growth and adaption. 

With features that maximize opportunity for collaboration and innovation, the CivicEye platform is designed to help criminal justice officials focus less on the minutiae of their digital tools and spend more time on what matters—serving their communities.  

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