Why Cloud-Software is the Best Choice

Cloud-based software enables agencies to improve disaster recovery and scale resources from any location and device. This type of software is a more beneficial solution for agencies across the Nation as crime becomes more mobile as well. 

Harnessing the power of the cloud allows users to access and share data and files from anywhere. For law enforcement and public safety professionals, leaning into this means the ability to access data in real-time because it does not live in one particular location but is still secure.  

Cloud-based software offers several key benefits, including:  

Ongoing Delivery 

The ability to update and deliver software on a scheduled basis is an approach that allows developers to release predictably and stably.  

Deploying software continually enables teams to stray away from tying time, energy, and resources into one feature or element of the product and work more efficiently. Product and engineering teams can focus on ensuring products meet and exceed quality and mitigating risks.  

An added benefit to the delivery of a cloud solution is the ability for CivicEye to take partner feedback regularly and integrate it throughout the platform. Continuous delivery allows for real-time fixes to support the critical work of public safety professionals.  

Mobility + Accessibility  

Previously, users were restricted to servers on browser-based, secure web applications. Cloud accessible software with the functionality to “run anywhere” allows users to access data anywhere, on any device, regardless of device or operating system.  

A modern approach to policing means equipping officers with modern technology and software. Cloud-based software allows officers to write and validate reports from their cars instead of spending the time to write them on paper, then transfer documentation when they get back to the station. Leveraging the mobility and accessibility of the cloud means law enforcement officers can access data in real-time, leading to improved community outcomes and the ability to spend more time in the field.  


Deciding where to allocate funds is not an easy task. It is not a secret that public safety resources are limited. However, cloud-based software incurs a predictable recurring subscription cost.  

The power of a cloud-based solution saves time and money in the long run. So while switching systems can seem daunting, the end-game is that users will have access to an end-to-end solution that will reduce excess spending. 

Leveraging cloud-based software supports law enforcement and public safety efforts by providing a solution that is easy to use from anywhere in a secure manner. Continuous delivery, accessibility, and cost are just a few key benefits that professionals unlock when harnessing technology powered by CivicEye.  

Learn more about our cloud-based products, such as CivicRMS and CivicDocs, and book a demo to see how impactful the cloud can be for your organization.  

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