LEEP: Law Enforcement Empowerment Program

The LEEP: Law Enforcement Empowerment Program is an opportunity for agencies to partner with CivicEye to conduct a free RMS pilot program. In 2022, CivicEye is proud to open applications to all Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies. The selected Agencies will receive two (2) free years of CivicRMS to drive more efficient policing and safer communities.

Native American Law Enforcement communities are invited to participate in our LEEP: Law Enforcement Empowerment Program by applying for a trial of our records management system in an effort to improve the resources your current agency is in need of and benefit your Tribal community.

Our goal is to open the door for Tribal Police to advance their technology with no purchase required. We understand there are hardships in your community and hope LEEP will give your department an advantage to improve your day-to-day and increase funding opportunities for your Tribal community.


Native American Law Enforcement agencies have faced significant challenges surrounding federal funding and access to resources and technology. Our goal is to provide small and rural police agencies the tools to create better workflows and improve time spent on reporting.

CivicRMS software allows agencies to:

  • Minimize redundancy in incident report building by hosting reports on a secure cloud server
  • Enhance data submissions in investigations through validation checks to meet the criteria of state and federal report compliance
  • Increase opportunities to reach the criteria for federal funding grants through certifications and error-free reports
  • Utilize modules to better track criminal details and notes for case investigations and de-escalation tactics

Benefits for a Records Management System

Many reasons play into the lack of accurate crime data typically found within tribal police departments, including limited administrative and technological resources, inadequate coordination between tribal and Federal agencies and cultural and demographic factors of reservation life. (OJP)

Advanced technology can assist in data collection, validation of data inputs, and help focus attention on your local priorities. In turn, this technology can help combat underreporting trends and transform your team into a modern, progressive (while still respecting cultural barriers) police department.

It’s always hard to transition from traditional methods, but you will soon find CivicRMS is as easy to operate as a modern smartphone. We have online tutorials and staff available to offer training to ensure you are using the tool to your full advantage.

Tribal policing faces a level of police coverage that is much lower than other urban and rural areas of the country.

When around-the-clock coverage is done by the same members of a department, having access to large amounts of data and being able to share the data you collect is key to growing your database and inadvertently growing your police coverage.

With CivicRMS, you are able to increase your criminal database, track additional information and easily access repeat offender files with the click of a button.

One key distinction between small and medium-sized departments is the ability to not just focus on standard patrol, but have support on more specialized activities, such as drug activity, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

A main feature in our RMS tool is the module architecture which allows users to add extensive documentation, real-time reporting, and evidence inventory for clear visibility in incident activity.

With the tools for your team to stay better organized, you can pull reports that offer analytics on the critical needs of your community and drive focus on patrol activities.

The impact of federal reporting on individual tribes may be small. Still, the failure to report or refer to these serious crimes has important implications for understanding the prevalence and distribution of crime on regional and national levels. Accurate and concise data would be instrumental in understanding crime on reservations that could follow significant patterns.

A records management tool serves as a supportive investment to the department’s technology that would allow officers to drive focus to their important policing goals. With improved data accuracy and reporting, there are more opportunities for federal funding and grants from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Who Should Apply?

All tribal police departments are encouraged to apply. Authority figures or those in a position to make a decision on implementing a new resource should complete the application.

Apply Now

Complete the form below to submit your application for the 2022 LEEP initiative.


  • Is there someone I can talk to better understand how this records software would best serve me?
    Yes! Click here to get in touch with our Sales team. One of our Business Development Representatives would be happy to follow up with you on a demo of the product.
  • What is the criteria for selecting applicants?
    For this initiative, we are selecting the top applications that we feel will benefit the most from an advanced software solution. Please be sure to fill out all the questions in the application with as much detail as possible! Questions about the application? Click here for help.
  • How long will I have access to the CivicRMS platform free of charge?
    Selected agencies will receive two (2) free years of CivicRMS. Please reach out to [email protected] for questions regarding pricing following the LEEP program.