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The Future of Fusion Centers

Fusion centers allow for federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to share information and intelligence so that they can more effectively investigate and track criminal and terrorist activity. Fusion centers also provide a forum for training and exercises so that law enforcement agencies can improve their ability to respond to emergencies. Read more on the future of these centers and how CivicFusion enables agencies to work more effectively.

A post 9/11 world includes 79 recognized fusion centers across the United States. They can effectively collect, manage, and analyze data that can be critical to the success of police agencies. Fusion centers are uniquely positioned within the law enforcement community to perform these essential functions. They serve as valuable resources for first responders at all levels by providing timely and actionable intelligence during emergencies and conducting analyses that can help prevent or mitigate future crimes. 

In 2021, the work of a California fusion center prevented a shooting within a mall located in Santa Clara. 

Two types of fusion centers
  • Primary: Provide information sharing and analysis for an entire state. These centers are the highest priority for the allocation of available federal resources.
  • Recognized: Provide information sharing and analysis for a central urban area. As the Federal Government respects the authority of state governments to designate fusion centers, any designated fusion center not meant as a primary fusion center is referred to as a recognized fusion center.

While there have been questions raised around funding and oversight, fusion centers help various agencies advance everyday criminal investigations surrounding gangs, narcotics, and street crime issues. 

With CivicFusion, agencies can aggregate data across systems to:
Search faster across aggregated data
Harness the power of the cloud on a run anywhere platform
Aggregate data across multiple RMS instances
Stay compliant with local, state & federal agencies
So what does this mean for the future of fusion centers?

Fusion centers will continue to play a vital role in our nation’s security and public safety. They will evolve and adapt as the threats to our homeland change, and new technologies become available. With the right mix of funding, training, oversight, and partnerships, fusion centers will continue to be a valuable asset in the fight against crime.

Preventing a future terrorist attack will likely not happen because of a President, the Department of Homeland Security, or the FBI. Instead, it will come from the diligent work of police officers and sheriffs who, during their daily work, will collect intel and data that will lead them to unfold a larger plot. Fusion centers are a vital asset to national security, which need resources to function as best as possible. 

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