A Winning Case for Prosecution and Cloud Security

For as long as we can remember, day-to-day operations of legal agencies have been paper-heavy. Documents and files have traditionally been all hard copies, piling up on shelves, in boxes, or in filing cabinets. When a file is needed, it can be quite an undertaking to track it down. 

The legal field will never be completely paperless, but there has been a huge shift to digital storage. Most organizations’ first instinct was to work with their in-house IT teams to create a storage solution onsite. While those systems have served a purpose, they’re no longer meeting the needs of today’s mobile digital world. With more and more workers working remotely, District Attorneys’ (or State’s Attorneys’) Offices and Attorney Generals’ Offices should consider moving to a cloud-based solution. 

In the following blog, we are going to look at how things have changed with regards to Prosecutors’ offices and cloud security, and we’ll tell you about the benefits of CivicEye’s cloud-based systems for prosecutors and public defenders.

The Legal World Has Changed

Since 2020, the pandemic has changed the way that we do everything. With the accelerated digital transformation from the last few years, we are now seeing legal agencies work to streamline operations and advance technologies at faster rates than ever before. This is where prosecution and cloud security come together. 

Legal offices are swapping out those aging IT systems for more modernized solutions. With the landscape of client communication, team collaboration, and even how courts function changing so rapidly in the face of the pandemic, the legal field looks much different than it did a few years ago. 

When lockdowns began, legal counsel working from home, a coffee shop, or each in separate offices without the ability to collaborate in person seemed likely to be a temporary thing. As we emerged from the pandemic, the ability to communicate and meet remotely from essentially anywhere has become the norm, and, for many, an expected work arrangement. While most offices made it work, tech-supported remote working hasn’t been without its problems. 

Working remotely or speaking with clients via web calls as opposed to in person brings an inherent risk of data breaches. Security risks have come in the form of data loss, cyber threats, non-compliance, and unintended disclosure of client information. Though remote work brings a security challenge, the expectations of today’s landscape means offices have to adapt to find solutions and CJIS-compliant ones at that. 

So, just how are legal organizations supporting remote work with the best possible security and governance to protect client information and adhere to law firm data security policy? Many agencies are turning to the advanced technology afforded by cloud computing to make work easier for team members while protecting the security of their clients and crime data. 

Cloud Computing for Legal Offices

Law firms and modern technology has become the norm in today’s legal world, but many state prosecution offices had been slower than others in implementing this technology – until recently. Cloud services for prosecution offices have made cyber security advancements that make cloud-based services even more secure than on-site systems And CivicEye has been at the forefront of these improvements for prosecutors and district attorneys.

Where prosecution offices have had more advanced computing software systems for quite some time. Prosecution offices have typically lacked the infrastructure to share data and move toward a more mobile environment. With advancements in cloud-based services, cyber attacks can be a thing of the past and the seamless data sharing between law enforcement and prosecution teams can be a thing of the present. CivicEye offers end-to-end encryption, backup servers, and a team of highly experienced IT professionals running things behind the scenes.

Track case activity and metrics for your office on one user-friendly dashboard

To maximize business continuity, a secondary server will immediately switch on in the event your primary server goes down. This is all done through an automated process with regular backups to reduce the potential for data loss. If a server issue arises, the backup will kick in and give you complete access to your system without any missing or lagging data. 

So, what else can a cloud-based system do for prosecution offices? Well, the ability to integrate and automate systems is one of the biggest advantages this system offers. Tasks that used to be tedious and time consuming such as file management, custom documents, preserving the chain-of-evidence and transactional information can now be streamlined on the cloud.

CivicEye has helped take legal software to the next level through CivicCase and CivicDocs. CivicCase is a cloud-secured, legal case management software that can be used on the go or in your office. CivicDocs is an advanced transaction-based chain-of-evidence document sharing system. CivicDocs is also cloud-based and makes it extremely easy to stay compliant.

CivicCase is a CJIS-compliant cloud computing for prosecution offices software that allows for secure storage and access from anywhere on any device. There is also the ability for local, private cloud install options to integrate with your facility’s existing system using CivicEye’s LFS (Large File Server).

CivicCase - cloud security and software for prosecutors

While efficiency and security requirements are important, prosecution offices are all trying to save money. Cloud software, like CivicCase, reduces costs by increasing efficiency while eliminating the high cost of local storage and maintenance. On top of that, prosecution offices are able to budget better by avoiding unexpected costs of repair or troubleshooting aging software and equipment. Real estate expenses can also be reduced by taking away the dedicated floor space given to on-site infrastructure like servers and filing cabinets. 

Another cost-saving feature for prosecution offices and cloud security is the ability to scale. When your data is kept on-site, the ability to scale is much more expensive and difficult to achieve. prosecution offices and cloud security allows for growth without having to update or add software. Being able to just focus on growth rather than the expense of adding more IT staff allows your agency to have consistent data costs, which is a notable advantage when it comes to scaling. CivicEye can run with any software system, making implementation easy and cost effective. 

Train and Develop Your Employees for Success

Your legal team members are the first line of defense when it comes to working on cases and mitigating data breaches. That’s why all members of your team must understand the importance of and how to use a records and document managing software. CivicEye offers customized training classes to educate your entire staff on how to properly use the software with criteria based on roles within the office. You can also count on 24/7 support with a tech specialist to get someone on the phone and solve your problems when you need it. 

You should also develop a company data security policy that includes all procedures and requirements of your employees. Create and use policies around, password requirements, bring your own device policies, internet usage, and incident reporting or mitigation steps.

Prosecution Offices and Cloud Security Make Sense With CivicEye

Are you tired of searching endlessly for the complete case information to build a case fit for prosecution? Are you worried about misplaced documents or security breaches putting your agency at risk? CivicEye may be for you. 

Our team of cloud software experts can give you a cloud-based technology solution to help your prosecution office get cloud secure access to the information they need when they need it. Whether your team is working from home, on the road, or in the office, there is no match for CivicEye when it comes to prosecution offices and cloud security. 

With CivicEye, our CJIS-Compliant support staff is here for your every need. CivicEye is on a mission to provide the most advanced and reliable technology to law enforcement and public safety professionals. Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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