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The Power of Data

What if your agency was equipped with cloud-based software that enabled officers to save lives? Accurate, real-time data allows law enforcement officers to make informed decisions while they are on their beat. CivicRMS enables officers the ability to document and track information related to activity happening in the communities they serve.

Each time a law enforcement officer interacts with civilians in the community, it can help us understand how they are policing. Gathering real-time data about interactions helps officers make informed decisions that can lead to positive outcomes. Records management software (RMS) automates the capture and sharing of interaction data and helps agencies stay compliant. An RMS that cannot capture or relay accurate and timely information severely limits an agency’s ability to identify and track crime patterns, evaluate suspects, make informed decisions about resource allocation, and much more. A modern RMS must therefore be equipped with the latest capabilities to ensure that agencies can obtain, find and share the data they need.

Data Informs Policy
Across the country, communities face a myriad of challenging issues, including an opioid crisis, citizens without housing, increased crime rates, and so much more. Law enforcement agencies are held accountable to address these issues effectively and be transparent about their actions and results.

Leveraging real-time data to combat these challenges means tracking incidents and can aid officers with the ability to police in new ways based on the community’s needs. In addition, the ability to share data with neighboring agencies has become critical to helping prioritize allocating resources to critical areas.

The Challenge
While there has been increasing demand for modern approaches to policing, many agencies are still on antiquated systems. Many officers are still faced with manually writing reports and then waiting until they return to their stations to upload them to the proper place. This can be modernized with a cloud-based RMS platform, allowing officers to upload information, validate data, and ensure that required fields have been filled to minimize error. Although switching to a new RMS may seem daunting, it is critical for agencies who spend too much time on outdated systems.

How CivicRMS Can Help
CivicRMS from CivicEye is a cloud-based public safety software solution that equips officers with an easy-to-use platform so they can efficiently input data from the field. This data, in turn, can be exported to national databases to aggregate it to inform new policy and procedure that helps both officers and the public.

Readily available data better prepares officers in the field. CivicRMS enables officers to approach incidents with critical information needed to make informed decisions to keep all parties safe. Cloud-based software houses all data in one secure place for easy accessibility. This decreases information gaps and provides officers with critical information while also capturing data that can help shape the future of public safety.

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