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Solve Crime and Win Cases with a Modern RMS

Modern technology means better data and reporting. With built-in modules like evidence management, tracking evidence from collection to trial becomes a streamlined process to ensure it complies with the procedure. Learn more about how solving crime and winning cases happen with an easy-to-use RMS.

The article referenced was written and published by Police1.

Prior to records management software, police agencies used a variety of paper-based processes and legacy systems to manage their records. This not only made it difficult to share information between departments but also made it difficult to track cases and ensure compliance with evidence handling procedures.

Enter CivicRMS, which is easy-to-use technology for law enforcement. Our records management system provides agencies with a centralized, digital platform for managing all their records. This includes everything from crime and incident reports to evidence and property records. Not only does this make it easier for officers to find the information they need, but it also makes it easier to share information as well. 

The benefits of an RMS are many and varied, but some of the most notable ones include improved evidence management: With RMS, agencies can track evidence from the time it is collected to the time it is submitted for trial. This not only helps to ensure compliance with evidence handling procedures but also makes it easier for prosecutors to gather everything they need in order to win cases electronically. 

CivicRMS keeps officers in the field longer, meets the needs of agencies, streamlines prosecution efforts, and more. 

Read the full article on Police1 to learn more about solving crime with RMS. 


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