One Case, Multiple Co-Defendants: The Future of Digital Evidence Technology 

Within recent decades, digital evidence has emerged as an invaluable tool for prosecuting attorneys and investigators. Increasingly, digital evidence has become a vital component of criminal investigations, particularly with the data boom across digital devices. In some cases, for example, public safety officials must examine thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pieces of evidence.  

As digital evidence management system (or DEMS for short) technology becomes increasingly necessary, what features in particular should prosecuting attorneys look for? Among the myriad of software providers, which capabilities can uniquely help prosecutors save time, minimize clicks, and prevent user error? 

In this blog, we’ll examine how the latest DEMS technology can allow users to link multiple co-defendants to a single case and how this feature can dramatically improve case workflows for prosecutors. Additionally, we’ll consider how platforms like CivicDocs uniquely provide this functionality to support prosecuting attorneys and their teams. 

Let’s begin. 

Co-Defendants within Legacy Tech Systems: Typical Procedures (and Problems) 

Many legacy DEMS technologies only allow users to add a single defendant to each case. This is often an issue since cases frequently have multiple co-defendants. To work around this problem in legacy software systems, users must create duplicate cases for each co-defendant. Then, users must re-enter the same data across the duplicated cases. 

For prosecutors, this means that inputting cases into a system is time-consuming and repetitive. Additionally, this tedious upload process uses more digital storage space, which is in high demand for prosecution teams. 

The Possibility of Linking Co-Defendants to a Single Case 

So, in contrast, what feature does the latest technology offer prosecution teams to mitigate this frustration? 

Emerging DEMS platforms can allow users to link multiple co-defendants to a single case, all without duplicating cases. While this may seem like a straightforward feature, its benefits are tenfold. Some of these include: 

  1. Minimizing data entry 

Instead of spending valuable time entering the same data across multiple cases, prosecution teams can enter data once and for all. 

  1. Streamlining evidence uploads 

Prosecution teams can connect digital evidence to co-defendants without worrying about uploading this information to multiple cases.  

  1. Preventing human error 

Alongside minimized data entry, linked co-defendants can also reduce the potential for human error. When clerks have to repeatedly re-enter the same case information, there is a greater opportunity for accidental human error. In this way, linked co-defendants can help protect the integrity of original information. 

How CivicDocs Features Linked Co-Defendants 

CivicEye’s solution for digital evidence management, CivicDocs, is designed to help prosecutors harness the power of linked co-defendants with a single click. In each case, users can easily add co-defendants to any case in an easy, intuitive interface. 

Alongside this ability to link co-defendants, CivicDocs allows users to leverage countless other tools such as advanced search filters, secure eDiscovery, structured role portals, and more. These features help prosecutors quickly access information, release discovery with detailed audit logs, and tailor user access based on user roles within the office. Paired with co-defendant linking, these features can support prosecution offices to close cases in less time and with less tedium. 

Cloud-based technology can equip prosecutors with the data they need instantly.


As technology continues to evolve, prosecuting attorneys can use DEMS platforms to manage digital evidence and cases with multiple co-defendants. Instead of operating on legacy technology that requires frustrating workarounds, newer, innovative technology can help prosecutors complete the tasks they need with simplicity. 

Platforms like CivicDocs can allow prosecutors to harness the potential of the latest technology, all on a scalable, CJIS-secure system. To learn more about DEMS technology and how CivicDocs uniquely serves prosecuting attorneys, click below.  


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