The Ultimate Public Safety RMS

Designed and field-tested by law enforcement, CivicRMS is a modern high-performance records management system with single-entry data input and advanced integrations.

Streamline Your Day-to-Day with Our User-Friendly Platform

Seamless Integration Solution for All-in-One Interface

Integrate CAD & JMS solutions to allow the different systems or applications to be accessed and used within CivicRMS without switching between different interfaces or platforms. Improve law enforcement efficiency and user experience by simplifying the process of accessing important data instantly.

Real-time Access to Million of Records

Explore the capabilities of a modern records management tool designed by law enforcement for law enforcement to enhance investigations. Find what you need faster and more accurately with powerful fragmented search technology.

Improved State and Federal Reporting with Validation and Single-entry Data Input

Native NIBRS validation tools are built-in to the incident report to track errors and easily identify fixes for time-saved reporting. Single-entry data input can help improve the quality and reliability of data, as well as make data entry processes more efficient.

Conduct Your Investigation

Cloud-based Server

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Robust Analytics

eDiscovery with CivicDocs

Digital Evidence Storage

Easy to Use Module Workflow

Personnel & Training Management

Advanced Integrations for CAD & JMS Technology

“Among the competitors we demoed, it’s the most user-friendly, makes a huge difference in how our officers and detectives handle cases, and the customer support is top-notch.”

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