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Government Technology Procurement Made Fair & Transparent 

Pricing designed to work with your public safety agency—not against it. 

Whether you are procuring new technology through a solicitation for a request for proposals (RFP), request for quotation (RFQ), request for information (RFI) or invitation for bids (IFB), CivicEye will work with your agency to fairly price our products and services to meet the outlined requirements. 

CivicEye works with your team to configure your system, user profiles, and extensions directly to your agency’s needs, creating flexible plans for price and performance. 


Our SaaS platform pricing is typically based on the population size served as well as number of sworn officers or users accessing the platform. Many variables, including configuration of different software capabilities and data conversion requirements, can also impact the negotiated price.  

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today to see how our product can serve your agency and community and ask how we can work with you through the budget planning process.   

About CivicEye’s Platform

CivicEye products are built upon a core platform architecture that allows for rapid implementation and deployment, minimization of cross-contamination related to code changes, increased application stability, and horizontal and vertical scalability.

As technology continues to advance, CivicEye continues to embrace emerging tech tools and believes in providing users with the best experience possible. CivicEye’s secure API creates opportunity for scalability as agencies grow, while also allowing for future enhancement and feature expansions.  

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