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Case Search

Efficient case lookup with saved searches and partial information matching

How CivicCase for Court Helps You

  • Efficient Case Lookup
  • Saved Searches
  • Partial Information Matching
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Improved Accuracy

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The Case Search feature empowers users with the ability to quickly look up cases within CivicCase for Court using various search criteria. This flexibility allows users to refine their searches based on specific parameters such as case number, parties involved, case type, or other relevant details.

Efficient Case Lookup

CivicCase for Court offers an efficient case lookup feature that allows users to quickly retrieve relevant case information. With the ability to search using various criteria such as case number, parties involved, case type, or other relevant details, users can easily narrow down their search parameters to find the specific cases they need. This streamlined process of case lookup saves valuable time and effort for courtroom officials, enabling them to access the required information promptly and efficiently.

Saved Searches and Redundancy Prevention

To further enhance user productivity, CivicCase for Court provides the functionality to save frequently used search criteria. By saving search parameters, users can easily access and reuse them in the future without the need to re-enter the same information repeatedly. This feature eliminates redundancy in completing similar searches and ensures consistency in search results. By preventing redundant search efforts, users can focus their time and energy on other essential tasks, optimizing their workflow within the court system.

Flexible Search with Partial Information Matching

CivicCase for Court understands that users may not always have complete case information at hand. To address this, the platform offers the capability to perform searches based on partial case details. Users can enter partial case numbers, partial party names, or other incomplete information, and the system will intelligently match and retrieve relevant results based on the available data. This flexibility in search functionality enhances efficiency and expedites the process of finding cases, even when users have limited information available. It ensures that users can still retrieve the necessary information they need, despite incomplete details, enabling smoother case management and reducing potential bottlenecks in accessing critical case information.

Case search features streamlines the case lookup process, provides time-saving options through saved searches, and accommodates partial information matching, ensuring that users can efficiently find the cases they need within CivicCase for Court. Learn more about CivicCase for Court by scheduling a demo with our team.

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