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Tech Startup CivicEye Joins the 2024 GovTech 100 Companies to Watch

The company is recognized for its innovative software to support prosecutors and law enforcement agencies.

Charlotte, NC, Jan. 3, 2024 – CivicEye, tech startup headquartered in Charlotte, NC, has been selected as one of one hundred noteworthy technology companies to be listed in Government Technology’s annual “GovTech 100.” CivicEye’s inclusion on the list points to the company’s dedication and fresh perspectives on software across the criminal justice system.

“We’re witnessing a remarkable surge in innovation across the entire GovTech sector,” states Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer with Government Technology. “The industry’s resilience and growth, even while other sectors slowed due to economic conditions, underscores the critical nature of technology’s role in solving the most complex government challenges.”

On the heels of its most meaningful year of growth, CivicEye has expanded its services to law enforcement agencies across eight states, encompassing drug task forces, university campuses, police departments, and marshal’s offices. 

Furthermore, CivicEye implemented its prosecution case management software into four additional states. These implementations enhance the efficiency of prosecutorial processes, complementing CivicEye’s digital evidence management software, which has already been benefiting prosecutors and law enforcement agencies.

“At CivicEye, we recognize our unparalleled opportunity in government technology to pioneer forward-thinking software solutions precisely where they are most crucial for our communities,” said Khristian Gutierrez, CEO of CivicEye. 

“By focusing on our core technology expertise and collaborating closely with specialists and innovative thinkers across the criminal justice system, we’re able to maximize our impact and deliver solutions of the highest caliber. Our commitment lies in driving these partnerships forward, ensuring that our technology meets and exceeds the evolving needs of the communities our clients serve.”

In 2024, CivicEye will continue serving prosecutors and law enforcement in existing jurisdictions—some of which include Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, New York, and Texas—while also continuing to expand their reach across the United States into new jurisdictions.

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About CivicEye

CivicEye delivers critical software for prosecutors and law enforcement that improves case, records, and digital evidence management across the entire criminal justice system. The company provides a full spectrum, cloud-based platform designed to reduce friction points within departments and across stakeholders. CivicEye is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and serves over 150 agencies across the country.

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