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Bandera, TX Announces Partnership with CivicEye for Records Management as Company Enters Texas Law Enforcement  

The agency is the first law enforcement agency in TX to leverage CivicEye’s cloud-based RMS software. 

Bandera, Texas – Aug. 28, 2023 – CivicEye, a leading software provider specializing in web-based solutions for law enforcement and prosecutors, is proud to have been selected by the Bandera, TX Marshal’s Office, marking its entry into Texas law enforcement and introducing the innovative CivicRMS solution to the Lone Star State. The company already serves the District Attorney Office in Ellis County, TX, on their prosecutor software tools CivicDocs and CivicCase. 

CivicRMS, CivicEye’s advanced records management system, offers a comprehensive and seamless approach to managing critical law enforcement data. By embracing CivicRMS, the Bandera, TX Marshal’s Office will revolutionize its records management practices, streamlining data entry, retrieval, and analysis. This transition to modernized technology is poised to enhance operational efficiency, increase collaboration across jurisdictions, ensure compliance with State-mandated reporting requirements, and ultimately facilitate improved decision-making within the agency. 

“CivicEye worked meticulously to bring us a tailored solution within our budget,” said Marshal Nancy De Foster. “In my career, I’ve had the ability to vet and work with so many different companies. CivicEye’s approach established a new standard for superior service and innovation compared to Texas’ legacy software providers.” 

“Despite the abundance of technological advances that we have all enjoyed in our personal lives over the last ten to fifteen years, there are still countless law enforcement agencies in need of modern solutions that meet their unique needs,” said Josh South, Head of Operations at CivicEye. “Our web-based platform scales to meet the needs of agencies of all sizes, allowing our clients to keep progressing their technology with the emerging updates and integrations vital in supporting their communities.” 

Driven by its core mission, CivicEye is steadfast in providing law enforcement agencies with advanced technology solutions to improve community outcomes. Through partnerships with law enforcement agencies like Bandera, CivicEye’s influence extends across Texas, enhancing data sharing and fostering a more connected law enforcement landscape and unified strategies to ensure public safety. 


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CivicEye delivers modern, easy-to-use cloud software for law enforcement and prosecutors that enhances daily workflows and improves community outcomes. The CivicEye platform includes Records, Digital Evidence, and Case Management solutions that reduce friction points within and across departments. CivicEye serves over 130 agencies across the United States. 

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