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CivicEye Announces Partnership with Ellis County, Texas to Launch CivicCase and CivicDocs

Company continues to expand its reach throughout the United States

ELLIS COUNTY, Texas, April 13, 2023 – CivicEye, a leading software company specializing in software for law enforcement and prosecutors, announced today the launch of its products CivicCase and CivicDocs in Ellis County, Texas. This marks CivicEye’s first customer in Texas and demonstrates its commitment to expanding its customer base in the Lone Star State.

CivicCase is a comprehensive case management system that enables law enforcement and prosecutors to streamline their workflow and improve productivity. CivicDocs is a document management system that provides secure storage, sharing, and collaboration features, helping law enforcement and prosecutors manage their documents and digital evidence efficiently and securely.

“We’re excited to bring our products into the Texas market, and to partner with the Ellis County team as we support the good work of the prosecutors and surrounding law enforcement in their daily tasks and workflows,” said Josh South, Head of Operations at CivicEye. “Our software is designed to provide cutting-edge features that can make a real difference in the lives of those who serve and protect our communities.”

Ellis County Texas Courthouse
Ellis County Texas Courthouse

The launch of CivicCase and CivicDocs in Ellis County is a significant milestone for CivicEye. The company has been expanding rapidly, and its products are now used by law enforcement and prosecutors across multiple locations.

“With advances in technology and increasing digital evidence in criminal cases, law enforcement and prosecutors’ offices throughout the United States encounter significant hurdles collecting, retaining, processing, and transmitting digital evidence in a timely and legal manner,” said Ellis County District Attorney Ann Montgomery. “CivicCase offers many features that will enable staff members to streamline workflows and concentrate on their core duties of advocating for justice and serving the citizens of Ellis County. My office team is eagerly looking forward to implementing and continuing to partner with CivicEye.”

CivicEye has earned a reputation as a leading provider of software solutions for law enforcement and prosecutors in the United States. Their commitment to excellence and reliability has made them a trusted partner for professionals across the country.

As the company expands its presence in Texas with Ellis County, CivicEye is excited to offer innovative software to even more law enforcement and prosecutors in the state. With a focus on efficiency, accuracy, and security, CivicEye will continue to provide unparalleled support to their valued customers and scale its software services for law enforcement and prosecutors throughout Texas.

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