Upgrading Public Safety & Criminal Justice Software: CivicEye Q1 Momentum
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Upgrading Public Safety Software: CivicEye Q1 Momentum

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 27, 2023 — CivicEye, the provider of cloud-based public safety software for law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and clerks, announced today record growth in several new markets across the US during the first quarter of 2023. Law enforcement and prosecution professionals in Kansas, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee, and Texas have decided to upgrade to the CivicEye platform. These partnerships will push the industry forward with the latest in digital infrastructure and integrations for the criminal justice system.

In the first quarter of 2023, there was significant growth for CivicEye as it secured multiple new clients and expanded its presence in various states through awarded contracts for law enforcement records management, digital evidence document management, prosecutor case management, and municipal court case management systems.

Improved Data Collection and Collaboration with Enhanced Digital Infrastructure for Law Enforcement & Prosecutors

CivicEye’s recent acquisition of new contracts for its innovative records management system and prosecutor case management systems are a clear indication of its continued growth in the law enforcement industry.

  • Decatur, MS joins the platform: CivicEye’s Mississippi expansion has been bolstered by the addition of Decatur, MS, where the company has a quickly growing client list of over 20 customers in 15 counties. The Company’s collaborative approach to onboarding supported the successful implementation and digitization of the Decatur MS Records Management program within 30 days.
  • Wilson County, KS modernizes prosecutor tech tools: Wilson County, KS announced its partnership with CivicEye and their excitement to enhance workflows and streamline existing processes with updated case and document management software.
  • Geneva, NY gets an upgrade: In New York, CivicEye upgraded a legacy customer in Geneva to its modern RMS system with the additions of new CAD, LiveScan and TraCS interfaces to streamline the process for other law enforcement agencies in the region coming online and utilizing the platform.
  • Jamestown, TN chooses cloud-based tech: CivicEye is thrilled to add Jamestown TN to its network of customers in Tennessee. This will enable the department to transition from pen and paper to electronic reporting, access real-time dispatch calls­­­ through CivicEye’s CAD interface and communicate seamlessly with local prosecutors who are launching CivicCase in their district.
  • Ellis County, TX announces partnership: The Ellis County Prosecutor and her team have taken a significant step towards modernizing their justice system. The collaborative effort will optimize a significant set of processes through a conversion to the CivicEye platform, while other functions and interagency collaborations will be digitized for the first time entirely.

The CivicEye team has built a strong reputation across public safety as it expanded into seven new states in 2022, partnering with law enforcement and prosecution professionals from Massachusetts to Alaska. By joining the CivicEye platform and seamlessly integrating with crucial interfaces like Court, Dispatch, and Jail Management, customers have consistently improved their efficiency, productivity, and driven improved community outcomes.

“Our mission is to empower law enforcement and prosecution professionals with the latest digital infrastructure and integrations for the criminal justice system, ultimately improving community outcomes,” said Khristian Gutierrez, CEO of CivicEye.

“We are thrilled to see our mission resonate so well in police departments and prosecution offices nationwide as we’ve expanded into new markets this quarter. We look forward to learning from our new clients and continuing to provide excellent service and software enhancements to our existing ones,” Gutierrez said.

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CivicEye delivers modern, easy-to-use cloud software for law enforcement, prosecutors and courtroom officials that helps to enhance daily workflows and improve community outcomes. The CivicEye platform includes Records, Digital Evidence, and Case Management solutions that reduce friction points within and across departments. CivicEye serves over 130 agencies across the United States. 

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