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CivicEye and FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions Partner to Integrate Law Enforcement Solutions

Charlotte, NC – May 22, 2023 – CivicEye, a leading provider of law enforcement software solutions, joins forces with FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions in a strategic partnership. Together, they aim to transform the way law enforcement agencies improve public safety and build stronger communities through integrated solutions.

New software collaboration enhances US law enforcement with critical, modern technology solutions.

CivicEye’s cloud-based records management platform, CivicRMS, will host FRONTLINE’s diverse range of products, delivering enhanced capabilities for law enforcement agencies, including:

  • Training Tracker: Efficiently manage officers’ training, expenses, and mandates while tracking range and defensive tactic entries for enhanced readiness.
  • Pro-Standards Tracker: Streamline management of officer compliments, complaints, awards, use of force, vehicle pursuits, contact, and wellness. Generate detailed “Early Intervention” programs based on officer actions.
  • QA Tracker: Simplify employee evaluations and performance reviews. Monitor officer progress in real-time through data dashboards.
  • BWC Audits: Effectively manage risk with body-worn camera (BWC) footage. Implement strategies for improved supervision, training, and quality assurance.

“This partnership marks an exciting moment for us as we explore innovative ways to enhance public safety with integrated technology,” said Nathan Leatherwood, New Channel and Market Development of CivicEye. “Together, CivicEye and FRONTLINE are committed to empowering law enforcement officers with the latest technologies that will enable them to carry out their duties more effectively and transparently, building safer communities.”

Ben Laird, President & Co-founder of FRONTLINE, echoed the sentiment: “As a former law enforcement professional, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges posed by inadequate technology in the field. We’re excited about our collaboration with CivicEye; it exemplifies our commitment to providing law enforcement agencies with best-in-class technology.”

Law enforcement agencies interested in learning more about the CivicEye and FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions partnership can visit civiceye.com for additional information.

About CivicEye

CivicEye delivers modern cloud software for public safety professionals that enhances daily workflows and improves community outcomes. The CivicEye platform includes Records, Digital Evidence, and Case Management solutions. CivicEye serves over 130 agencies across the United States.

About FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions

FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions offers cloud-based platforms that help law enforcement agencies communicate and track pertinent information within their organizations. FRONTLINE serves over 1000 agencies across all 50 of the United States.

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